07 December 2019,   22:45
Raid of 20 June rally - up to 6 people still remain in hospitals

Part of the victims who were injured during the night of June 20 remains in various clinics of Tbilisi. Among them is the 46-year-old David Grigoryan, who was shot in the head and is still in a coma. In addition to Davit Grigorian, there are 5 more injured in various clinics.
Three of these patients continue to be treated in a referral hospital, two are placed in the intensive care unit. As for "New Hospital," there are three people who are being treated there. According to doctors, their condition is satisfactory and they will be discharged home in the nearest future. As for Mako Gomuri and Rustavi 2"s security guard Giorgi Sulashvili, who lost their eyes during the raid, they have already left for medical treatment abroad. Two law enforcers will also undergo emergency surgery in Turkey.
"By now three patients are placed with us, the condition of all three is satisfactory. Eye operation and interventions were undertaken, and after these interventions their condition is satisfactory, we are preparing to discharge them. It is noteworthy that we had one patient who had maintained the eye, but lost the eyesight, "said Giorgi Ramishvili, Director of" New Hospitals ".