04 July 2020,   06:36
We are convinced that the violation will be determined at least on Article 6, that is a fair trial, - Gvaramia speaks about Strasbourg"s decision

A few hours remain until Strasbourg"s most important decision - at 12:00 pm, the Strasbourg Court will issue a resolution on Rustavi 2"s case. The ruling team without any grounds has been trying for a long time to create a false opinion in the society that Rustavi 2 will be defeated at the European Court and it will be handed over to Kibar Khalvashi. However, issues related to the company `s ownership are not in the competence of Strasbourg. Its main goal is to establish whether the rights of Rustavi 2 and its owners were violated in the Georgian courts.
The director-general of the channel is confident that the decision will be in favor of the company and calls on Rustavi 2 all supporters to celebrate this day together.
"We are going to celebrate the decision, we are absolutely sure that the violation will be determined at least on Article 6, or a fair trial, which means that the decision of the Supreme Court to attribute the company to Kibar Khalvashi is automatically annulled by Strasbourg court"s decision, It would be desirable that the Strasbourg Court continues its temporary measure and our government is not allowed to seize "Rustavi 2" and commit a crime because the execution of the decision on the case on which the violation was established in any situation is a crime,"- Nika Gvaramia says.