05 April 2020,   11:49
You Can Make New Television - Akaki Zoidze Responds to Strasbourg"s Decision on Rustavi 2

Akaki Zoidze believes that freedom of expression in Rustavi 2 will not be suspended. The statement was made by the member of the ruling team regarding the decision of the Strasbourg Court. He said it was a property dispute. As for journalists of Rustavi 2, Zoidze said that they can establish a new TV any time.

."It"s awkward if we say that the decision has suspended the freedom of expression, especially yours. You can do the same on a new TV. Nothing hinders opening of new television, "said Akaki Zoidze.

According to him, he wants Rustavi 2 to remain critical. Akaki Zoidze states that "Rustavi 2" has never been unacceptable for him.