07 July 2020,   14:25
"Resignation of the Director General will change the editorial policy of the channel, which is unacceptable for us" - statement of the team of musical projects of the "Rustavi 2"

The team of musical megaprojects of Rustavi 2 have made the joint statement. Employees of Rustavi 2 responded to the decision of the European Court of Human Rights. They noted their position that with resignation of the claims of Kibar Khalvashi editorial policy of the channel will be changed, which is unacceptable for the whole team.
At the joint briefing, the musical projects team said that they continue to fight for the West and for independence.
"We join our colleagues and we state our position that we work in the same spirit and represent values.The Director General of the
"Rustavi 2" is the guarantee of the independence of our team. Now Nika Gvaramia is under utter pressure as the only guarantor of the freedom of speech of the opposition channel.
The Public Registry has already registered the new owners claims about Rustavi 2, according to Kibar Khalvashi"s statement, his first step will be the resignation of the Director General, which will completely change the editorial policy of the channel, which is unacceptable for us. It will cause the disappearance of Rustavi 2. If it happens, Rustavi 2 will only be a logo. The European Court of Human Rights put our channel in the difficult situation, but despite the fact we are not giving up and continuing our path to the west for our independence, for freedom of speech and for the better future of the country. We need support," - Ilo Beroshvili said.