29 February 2020,   16:17
"We hope that the investigation will be completed and offender will be accountable for the criminal action" - Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics

The Charter of Journalistic Ethics calls on law enforcement officers to investigate the Cyber Attacks on TV Piveli in a timely manner.
"The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics is calling on the investigative agencies to investigate the case in a timely manner. We hope that the investigation will still be completed, that the offender will be accountable and that the process will not be delayed as in the case of other media outlets, such as "Gurianews." We urge the relevant agencies to use all resources to enable TV Pirveli to continue broadcasting without loss. It is necessary to address the problem in a timely manner and to ensure the operation of the company," - the Charter of Journalistic Ethics said in a statement.
After the Cyber Attack on TV Pirveli, the company has failed to function properly. Television has lost access to the main server, video archive and all the video material they have been collecting for five years.
At this time, the TV Pirveli only operates on LIVE. The investigation begins with two articles. Articles 224 and 286 of the Criminal Code of Georgia - unauthorized access to the computer system and interference with computer data.