02 April 2020,   00:41
Parliament to launch discussions on 2020 draft state budget

From October 4, the Parliament of Georgia starts discussions on the 2020 draft state budget submitted by the government early this week.

Budgetary revenues and expenditures in the 2020 state budget are set at GEL 14.04 billion (up by GEL 1.18 billion compared to 2019) and at GEL 14.21 billion (up by GEL 1.12 compared to 2019), respectively.

The state budget sets tax revenues at GEL 10.32 billion. The document sets revenues from foreign grants at GEL 200 million; other revenues are set at GEL 515 million. The government plans to mobilize GEL 120 million from privatization.
The government projects 5% economic growth next year (4.5% in 2019), and forecasts the inflation rate at 3%.
It is already known that opposition will not support the 2020 budget.
Zurab Chiaberashvili, a member of “European Georgia”, said such a budget would help impoverish the people, so his party will not support it.
According to the member of the “National Movement” Roman Gotsiridze, the budget is planned to increase the debt of the country, which will further depreciate the increase of prices in GEL. As Gotsiridze says, the Government"s talk that such budget will increase the income of people, is a lie.

Roman Kakulia thinks that taking the domestic debt is not the best step, but it is necessary to avoid bad results. The majority MP said it should not be surprising that the Government cares about people who are on the front lines of society.