02 April 2020,   00:24
"Continuous occupation is a challenge… Russia cannot determine our future" - Archil Talakvadze

The delegation of the North Atlantic Alliance is meeting with the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia and the MPs. The meeting was opened in Batumi with welcoming words. According to the Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia, Georgia along with the West creates the future in order to restore the territorial integrity through peaceful means.

Archil Talakvadze spoke about the challenges facing the country, related to the occupation and the situation in the occupied regions. As he noted, Georgia will definitely achieve territorial integrity through peaceful means.

“It remains a challenge for us that 20% ​​of our country"s territories remain occupied. This is not a frozen conflict, this is not a problem that has already happened, this is a challenge that still exists, which still continues and includes grave human rights violations in the occupied regions, abductions of our citizens and various threats arising from the occupied territories.
Despite these challenges, which require a great deal of energy, a great deal of attention from our authorities on a daily basis, Georgia remains optimistic and confident in the process of creating its future, Georgia remains committed to the obligations we have undertaken towards our citizens and partners. Despite challenges, we determine our future, Russia cannot determine Georgia"s future. We are confident that together with our partners, together with the West, Georgia will create its future and the moment, when our territorial integrity will be restored through peace, stronger democracy, stronger economy and responsible international foreign policy", - said the Head of the Parliament.