24 February 2020,   21:47
The university, where candidate Eremadze received education, does not exist today

Questions about the disputed diplomas, after Shalva Tadumadze, appeared to another candidate for the Supreme Court, Miranda Eremadze.

The "Kurieri" talk to Eremadze, whose diploma is also disputed. She studied at Jambakur Bakradze University. This institute does not exist at this time, however, as Eremadze claims, this institute met all the standards of that period and did not create problems at the later stages.
"This was a state recognized, licensed higher education institution. The diploma gave me the opportunity to continue my doctoral studies and did not restrict me to any position. I also had to defend my rights in court, for which a legally binding court decision do not exist", - said Mirada Eremadze.