08 December 2019,   22:24
Yet another 12 of Lelo Movement introduced -Khazaradze announces formation of a political party

Mamuka Khazaradze, who launched public movement “Lelo”, presented 12 new members of the movement. Among them are Oktai Kazumov, Ketevan Zhvania, Andro Bibileishvili, Nikoloz Kikvidze, Eter Gaiashvili, Temur Arabidze, Irakli Apakidze, Nino Mgaloblishvili, Nukri Sajaia, Ramaz Bluashvili, Nino Kambegashvili and Irakli Kadeishvili.

“The victory of this country is possible with unity. We need the experience of our immigrants, the knowledge that they have received in another countries. Together with them we will turn Georgia in a very serious, successful and winning country", - said Mamuka Khazaradze.

Next Friday Khazaradze is going to present another 12 members of the movement. As for the political party that should be created alongside this society, he announced that it would take about two weeks.