11 December 2019,   20:56
Murder of 30 year-old woman allegedly linked with kids-related conflict

A 30-year-old woman, who was wounded by her former husband eaier today, has died. She had multiple wounds to her head and because of these life-threatening injuries died before the surgery. The body is already transported to Gori for examination.

Young woman was at work when her ex-husband arrived and threw a grenade in the store. When the explosive device failed to operate, he beat the woman. He also made a few shots. Evacuation was announced and the sappers were working there.

According to Tea Korkotadze, the Head of Khashuri Referral Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, the patient was in a comatose state and multiple wounds to her head were incompatible with life. The doctor does not confirm the gunshot wounds.

Relatives of the alleged suspect told to “Kurieri” that the conflict between the ex-husband and wife began when the woman was in Italy. According to the source, the children, who lived with their father while she was abroad, often called to the mother and told that their father treat them badly. According to the same source, the woman was forced to return from Italy, after which her ex-husband restricted her in dealing with kids.

Police have not yet arrested the alleged suspect. The case was launched by the Ministry of Internal Affairs under Articles 19-108 of the Criminal Code (an attempted premeditated murder).