04 April 2020,   02:49
Another strong step forward for increasing confidence – Giorgi Gakharia about new independent agency

A new, independent agency, the State Inspector’s Office, which replaced the Personal Data Protection Inspector’s Office back in July 2019, will begin its function to investigate possible crimes committed by law enforcers and state officials starting November 1.
An event was held earlier today to mark the upcoming launch of the work of the agency and was attended by top Georgian officials. 
According to the Prime Minister, investigating crimes committed by law enforcements has been a challenge for our system of law enforcement.
“We believe that the launch of the investigative direction at the Office of the State Inspector will be a step toward enhancing public trust in the law enforcements and toward the country"s democratization. An independent investigative mechanism and the State Inspector have been important components in democratic reform, a step on which we all agreed and set in motion. The Office of the State Inspector is vested with investigative functions. It is the most important step taken in the justice system in the past year… The investigative function vested in the Office of the State Inspector will be the strongest argument in support of enhancing public trust in the law enforcement system in the years to come. I am confident that this office will prove to all the importance of the country"s democratization, and the fearlessness of the justice system when it comes to openly presenting reforms and changes in the police, the Chief Prosecutor"s Office, and every partner agency of this structure”, - said Giorgi Gakharia.

As for the NGO representatives, they hope that new Agency will really investigate the crimes committed by law enforcement and officials.

"We, the civil society, have been calling for an effective mechanism for years to investigate the crimes committed by law enforcement. It is positive that this service has finally been established. However, it is still ahead and important to gain public trust", - said a representative of the Open Society Foundation Guram Imnadze.

According to State Inspector Londa Toloraia, if there is information that law enforcement and officials have abused or violated their authority, the State Inspectorate will launch an investigation into the case.

"The Office of the State Inspector is an independent investigative mechanism, it is not part of any state agency and we are accountable only to the Parliament. One of our major challenges is that the investigation we conduct will have public confidence and we will do everything for this”, - said Londa Toloraia.