18 February 2020,   19:34
Member of the United National Movement Goga Oniani released from prison

Former police official under the United National Movement (UNM) government and a lawyer Goga Oniani has been released from prison after serving two years for abuse of authority, falsification of evidence, political persecution and illegal detention.

As Goga Oniani said, the public will be convinced that there is a political persecution against him:

"The main thing for me is the opinion of the society. People will hear specific stories that will convince them that it was just political persecution," Oniani said.

According to Irakli Nadiradze, chairman of the Tbilisi City Assembly UNM faction, there are fewer political prisoners in Georgia today:

"It was a purely political persecution. It is good that we have less than one political prisoner today, but other political prisoners remain in jail", - said the lawyer.
Tbilisi City Court sentenced Oniani to four years and six months to prison on November 7 2017. However, a plea bargain was signed between the prosecution and Oniani in April 2017 and the sentence was decreased to two years. Oniani will not be able to take any official post for two years and three months after being released.