11 December 2019,   22:52
US never recognizes Georgia"s occupied territory as Russian territory - US congressmen in the village of Odzisi

The US Congressmen Adam Kinzinger and Alex Mooney visited the village of Odzisi near the dividing line. They had the opportunity to observe the Russian military base on the occupied territory from Odzisi village. As Adam Kinzinger said he is aware of the situation about illegal processes in Georgia’s occupied territories.

“We never admit Russia’s actions and this territory as Russian property, this territory belongs to Georgia. We never admit illegal occupation. We also have information about illegal bordarization and inhuman treatment of Georgian citizens. This is not only happening here but in Ukraine too. It is also illegal that Georgian citizens are not allowed to enter Georgian territory. We want to make it clear that Georgia is America’s Strategic Partner and we must urgently bring Georgia into NATO. We visited Rehabilitation Center for Georgian Soldiers and as a soldier, I remembered the spirit of the Georgian people and soldiers. We stand by you. This is brotherhood and friendship, – said Kinzinger.
Another congressman, Alex Mooney, calls for the whole world to pay attention to what is happening in those areas. According to him, America will support Georgia"s NATO membership.
“I am in Georgia for the first time. I came here because I am concerned about security and peace. I think it is important for the United States to observe and see what is happening here. The whole world should pay attention to what is happening here. NATO is backed by the USA”, - said Mooney.
The occupation regime closed the so-called checkpoints a several weeks.