20 February 2020,   22:31
Lekvinadze about quitting his post as Business Ombudsmen of Georgia

Business Ombudsman Irakli Lekvinadze wrote on his Facebook page about the reasons of his resignation.
According to him, the resignation was linked to agreed alternative plans and he will talk about this in the near future. Lekvinadze added that it was not a spontaneous decision.
Irakli Lekvinadze"s Facebook – post:
“Far from being a spontaneous decision, leaving my post is akin to the agreed alternative plans that will become known in the nearest future.
In the course of the 22-month working period, our office has reviewed 565 cases, of which 300 have responded appropriately and 68% have at least partially complied with business requirements.
I express gratitude to business companies for their trust, helpful staff and overall support; the state agencies and the Parliament of Georgia for a number of insightful business solutions; the donors and international organisations; all employees of the Office of Business Ombudsman for dedicated work in support of business”, - wrote former Business Ombudsman.
Irakli and his deputy Levan Kalandadze submitted their resignation letters on November 8.