31 March 2020,   03:28
Georgian post in Tsnelisi is a thorn that makes the whole body of the Republic hurt - Anatoly Bibilov

The Georgian post in Tsnelisi is “a thorn that makes the whole body of the Republic hurt. Such statement de-facto leader of Tskhinvali region of Georgia Anatoly Bibilov made at the meeting with co-chairs of the Geneva discussions, who have arrived in Tskhinvali to discuss the agenda of the upcoming discussions.

“And for the solution, it is necessary surgical intervention to pull out the splinter. And this doctor is, just you, it is you who can solve the problem in Tsnelis. It’s in your competence, one can even say, your direct responsibilities - to help the Georgian side to solve this problem.
I don’t understand why the consequences of provocations of the Georgian side should be resolved in South Ossetia. He suggested that the problems created by Georgia should be resolved in Georgia, and the problems of South Ossetia, here.
You know very well that all problematic steps have been taken by Georgia, and we are witnesses to this. In one-night, Georgian security officials entered South Ossetia and occupied a height of 903. We also contacted you via the “hot line”, spoke at the technical meetings, moreover, you yourselves, saw everything on the spot, but the problem has not yet been resolved. We did not create it, and we cannot solve it either. Therefore, we are asking you to insist on solving this problem”, - said Bibilov.
He connected the current situation with the events of 2008.
“That period all the provocations on the part of Georgia were made with the tacit consent of Western colleagues. And they, with their certain inaction, provoked Georgia to more serious steps, which it subsequently took. I really do not want the Georgian party to be motivated by your unprincipled position regarding its actions today. These are reckless steps and they will not lead to anything good. We don’t want tension in South Ossetia, and we don’t want to see the actions that can go beyond the reasonable and not solve the problems that arise by Georgia, at the expense of the Republic of South Ossetia”, - said Bibilov.