04 April 2020,   04:10
Looking forward to this dialogue - Carl Hartzell about tomorrow"s majority and opposition meeting

According to the EU Ambassador, the meeting between the ruling party and the opposition is extremely necessary and urgent. According to Carl Hartzell, tomorrow’s meeting will be attended by the representatives of the international community as well:
“From the side of the European Union, we have been looking for a dialogue to happen, because we believe it is high time that the different sides speak less about each other and more to each other. So I am very happy to see what seems to be going in the direction of a dialogue to take place tomorrow. We believe it is urgent and we support this format. We still have to look at the details, but as it has been already announced, the German model and other issues of the election system will be on the agenda. But I am also looking forward to have a broader discussion about the current political situation.

We fully support the demonstrators’ right to express their views, their freedom of speech, but we also think that the expression of an opinion should be done within the constitution and this remains our principled position”, - concluded the Ambassador