26 January 2020,   21:06
Police arrested one person for killing a business partner

Imereti Police opened high-profile murder case in 2018, with one person arrested.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, A.T. born in 1979, convicted of extortion in the past was arrested.

Investigation is in progress under the article 108 of the Criminal Code of Georgia on the fact of premeditated murder.

The crime envisages from 7 to 15 years of imprisonment

A burned body of a man was found in a metal barrel on Rioni River in Vani Municipality in May of 2018. He was identified as N.K. born in 1977.

A.T. had fired from his unregistered hunting rifle due to a financial dispute and killed his business partner N.K.

The accused placed the body in a metal barrel and set it on fire to cover up the crime. A.T. took a partially burnt body to one of the villages of Vani Municipality and dumped it into the Rioni River.

The accused pleaded guilty”, - reads the statement of MIA.