29 March 2020,   16:46
Speaking of corruption Kaladze did not have specific facts in mind - Khmaladze

“Speaking of corruption, the Mayor did not have any specific facts in mind”. Such a statement Irakli Khmaladze, the Vice Mayor of Tbilisi, made while commenting the words of Kakha Kaaldze.

During today’s sitting the Mayor of Tbilisi warned deputies, governors, relevant departments of the City Hall and their heads to pay maximum attention to the prevention of corruption.

According to Khmaladze, the reason behind Kaladze’s warning was the prevention of corruption in the future.

“Corruption prevention is one of the most important topics in the municipality where the budget reaches almost half a billion GEL. We started last year talking about this topic because we should always pay attention to it. Corruption will be followed by our response not only temporarily but throughout the year”, - explained Khmaladze.