29 March 2020,   17:03
“He swore and threatened my children” – Anri Okhanashvili on his assaulter

The Chairman of the Legal Issues Committee Anri Okhanashvili talked about the recent incident in Bakuriani. In his words, the man who assaulted him was extremely aggressive.

“When the children finished skiing, we entered the nearby cafe. My wife noticed a man who was looking at us in an extremely aggressive manner. I asked her not to pay attention to him. However, the man kept staring at us and repeatedly walked near our table.

Then he went out and returned after a few minutes. He took his seat at a table next to us. He started at us, used demeaning swear words and insulted my family members and my children because of me and my political activity. He also threatened my children.

I did everything to avoid physical confrontation with the man picking a fight. First, I took the children away. Some people even left the cafe as the man was immensely aggressive. He was extremely abusive, swore loudly, and some cafe visitors attempted to stop him. Eventually, he was detained”, - said Okhanashvili.

The incident happened on 14 January. Vakhtang Robakidze verbally and physically abusing MP Okhanashvili at a cafe in Bakuriani, where he was together with his family.