27 February 2020,   03:40
Irakli Shotadze has high professionalism, experience and Prosecutor’s development vision - GTU releases a statement

Georgian Technical University released a statement regarding the nomination of Irakli Shotadze as Prosecutor General.

According to GTU, their nominee fully meets the criteria.

“The candidate of the GTU Academic Council is a professional, has many years of experience working in the Prosecutor"s Office of Georgia, and has a certain vision. A month-long consultation with academic circles, civil society representatives, and law professionals preceded the nomination process to select the candidate for the position”, - reads the statement.

Lawyer David Kodanashvili has applied to them to register as a candidate for the Prosecutor General of Georgia, while another candidate - lawyer Irakli Shotadze – has been nominated by LEPL Georgian Technical University.

Shotadze resigned on May 31 amid protests over a high-profile “Khorava Street” murder case involving teenagers.