24 February 2020,   23:47
Trial of detainees on June 20 case to be held today - lawyer says prosecution position is weak

The trial of the defendants Besik Tamliani, Tsote Soselia, Kakhaber Kupreishvili, and Zurab Budagashvili, will be held at Tbilisi City Court regarding the June 20 case.

The Court will question the prosecution witnesses during today’s trial. It will begin at 12:00.

As the lawyer of the accused Vakhtang Iashvili said, his clients are politically persecuted. He thinks that the prosecution does not have enough evidence to prove the guilt of those detained.

Police officers detained Zurab Budagashvili, Besik Tamliani, Tsotne Soselia, and Kakhaber Kupreishvili in connection with June 20 case. They received a prison sentence after being charged with participating in organized crime followed by violence and damage to property, resisting, and attacking authorities.