25 February 2020,   00:23
It is a shame to speculate on a dead person - Tina Bokuchava, Mamuka Mdinaradze verbally abuse each other

Verbal confrontation in the Parliament.

Tina Bokuchava, a member of the United National Movement, demands that Malkhaz Machalikashvili be allowed to enter the building.

For this reason she met with Mamuka Mdinaradze and asked for an explanation as to why Machalikashvili was not let in the Parliament.

During the meeting, a verbal confrontation occurred between the MPs. As Mdinaradze told Bokuchava, Machalikashvili was not allowed to enter the building in order to avoid provocation. According to majority MP, the decision was made by the Speaker of Parliament.

“Don’t speculate. You use a dead person for your own political purposes and that’s shameful. You are provocateurs and immoral people. You are Misha’s slaves”, - told Mdinaradze to Bokuchava.

In turn, she called Mdinaradze “a liar and a shameful person”: “You don"t deserve a mandate. You are nobody, you are just a bolt”.