04 July 2020,   03:19
One person detained in Adjara for selling cheap washing powder under the falsified trademark of Ariel - Investigation Service

As a result of operative-searching and investigative activities, the representatives of the Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia have exposed the head of one of the companies in the Adjara region on the fact of unlawful use of trademark.

The investigation revealed that the accused, who was importing cheap washing powders from the Republic of Turkey, in order to facilitate the sale of goods and receive illegal material benefits, sold cheap washing powders packing them with illegally used trade marks of more expensive detergents – „Persil” and “Ariel”.

As a result of the investigative actions, 1 386 units of illegally marked detergents placed in 10 kg packages were seized.

This category of crime is punishable by imprisonment for up to two years under the first part of Article 196 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.