23 August 2019,   16:08
Doctor"s mistake or deliberate murder - 36-year-old Georgian woman found dead in Greece

The corpse of 36-year-old Diana Beridze"s corpse was found in a forest near the Thessaloniki after a 9-day search. The woman"s body was so damaged that her family was able to identify her only by means of tattoo.

A 38-year-old doctor has been charged with murder of a woman with special brutality. According to Greek media, the murdered woman was a patient of the accused.

According to Greek media, Diana Beridze, who addressed the doctor for surgery was killed on April 26 in one of of the rooms in clinics in Thessaloniki. Later, he took out of the clinic the severed body and took by car to one of the islands of Halkidik.

The police arrested 38-year-old surgeon after investigative actions. However, the accused uses the right to silence and does not recognize the accusation.

Diana Beridze`s family finds it difficult to speak about the murder case, but does not exclude that the woman died during the operation due to medical mistake and then the doctor decided to hide the body. This version is based on the trace of the anesthetic substance found in the body of the deceased.

Diana Beridze left Kobuleti with her family six years ago for Greece, where she was engaged in small business. She has a husband and three young children.