19 February 2020,   22:49
Scandalous scheme - how state gave millions to Partskhaladze

Irakli Nadiradze, chairperson of the United National Movement faction of Tbilisi City Council speaks about corrupt deals between the government and the former chief prosecutor.

"With two simple actions, buying and selling, this person has made, I can not call it another word, one million lari," - said Irakli Nadiradze.

He showed exclusive documents in the live broadcast of the talk show Thr Choice regarding the fact that Partskhaladze was given plots of land by the state..

Irakli Nadiradze noted that former Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili also participated in this "Mafiosi Scheme" because his signature is fixed on the documents taken from the Public Registry .

According to Irakli Nadiradze, on 25th of August, 2015 by the decree of the government, signed by Garibashvili, 62 000 800 square meters of land were transferred to Partskhaladze for the amount of 200 thousand GEL. Irakli Nadiradze pointed out that the land was handed over to Partskhaladze on the terms of investment, but the former chief prosecutor did not meet the demands and sold back the land to the state in one year.

According to Irakli Nadiradze, the land purchased from Partskhaladze was bought
by a joint stock company established by the Partnership Fund for 1 200 000 GEL.

"This is a very good example of corruption, nepotism and fraud, and I want to say directly that the government helped Otar Partskhaladze to become a millionaire and the state was the one who helpred him to collected the property worth of millions," -said Irakli Nadiradze.