21 September 2019,   09:50
NGO"s Protest - "GYLA" and "Transparency International" refuse to present report in Council of Justice

GYLA and Transparency International - Georgia have not presented a report to the Council of Justice in protest.

As the Chairman of the Georgian Young Lawyers" Association Ana Natsvlishvili said at the launch of the planned presentation today, the civil sector is not going to speak calmly about flaws in the judiciary system, and say that reforms are still developing.

According to the NGOs, the situation will not change by the presentation of reports. In their opinion, other approaches are needed.

According to Ana Natsvlishvili, yesterday the decision of the High Council of Justice regarding the appointment of Mikheil Chinchaladze as chairperson of the Court of Appeals clearly showed what is supported by the political authorities in the court.

GYLA and Transparency International - demand meetings in the parliament and work on reforms.