19 February 2020,   14:31
Saying that the authorities do not interfere in the court system is a lie - Eka Gigauri

Eka Gigauri, a Chairman of Transparency International -Georgia speaks about the work of the High Council of Justice and states that judges are loyal to the government and perform theirorders.

She states focuses on the work of the Supreme Council of Justice,

" These clans are supported and strengthened by the support they have from outside. In this case, we are talking about the ruling team and we think that the problems that the court has, are directly coming from the ruling party. Therefore, the ruling party should take responsibility for what is happening today in the judicial system, "- said Gigauri. Representatoves of Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center also speak about existence of clans in judicial system.

"The court is not going to try to understand the criticism that exists in society, the hard past experience that the court has. On the contrary, the Council and the judiciary encourage influential groups that have unhealthy influences on the judiciary, "- says Sopho Verdzeuli.