23 February 2020,   12:12
Opposition supports decision of NGO sector on judicial reforms

"The judiciary reform has failed, and the High Council of Justice, which should have been one of the centers for these reforms is implementing clan principle,"- the civil sector assesses the judicial reform.

The NGOs address the Parliament for reaction and ask to set up a working group. Assessments and initiatives are acceptable for the opposition.

"The expectation that the common sense will prevail in the parliament and politicians will have the responsibility to make real decisions in terms of judicial independence does not exist,"- said Levan Bezhashvili,a member of the United National Movement`s political council.

Irakli Abesadze, member of the Parliamentary Minority, Faction of European Georgia - Movement for Freedom, thinks that judicial reform must guarantee by individual independence of judges.

"The government should stop intimidating judges, carrying out various provocations, bribing, they should be able to make decisions relevant to the law," -said Irakli Abesadze.

The political secretary of the Republican Party of Georgia, Tamar Kordzaia, welcomes the decision of the NGO sector because the government ignores their reports.

The chairman of Free Democrats, Shalva Shavgulidze, believes that the situation in the judiciary is definitely to be improved.

"Otherwise, we will just not have peace in the country, we can not become a state, we can not become a society if justice is absent in the state," - Shalva Shavgulidze said.

According to him, the authorities should not try to "have a controlled court".