19 February 2020,   14:10
Exclusive - Head of Patriarch`s Security Department was dismissed today

Zurab Buchukuri, the current head of the Patriarch"s Security Service,has been dismissed.

The confidential source provided the of information to Rustavi2.

The head of the administration of the Special State Protection Service told Rustavi2 that according to the decision made today, Buchukuri will not continue to head the Patriarch`s Security Service and will not continue working in the Patriarchate of Georgia, but will remain in the Special State Protection Service.

Why was Zurab Buchukuri dismissed from the post and who will be resposible for the Patriarch`s security from today? Nobody talks about it yet.

The Special State Protection Service says that the new head has not been selected yet and the appointment will be held after consultations with the Georgian Patriarchate.

According to backstage information, Zurab Buchukuri is a spiritual son of Metropolitan Petre Tsaava, which became the reason for his release. An informed source tells us that Anzor Chubinidze, head of the Special State Protection Service summoned Buchukuri and told him that he should leave the post because the situation had escalated in the Georgian Patriarchate.

In recent months, Zurab Buchukuri is the second head of the patriarch`s security service who has left the post.The first one was Soso Okhanashvili , a member of the family of Ilia II. After the cyanide case scandal, he left the position.

The release of his friend, Buchukuri followed the statements made by the Patriarch`s lawyer Edisher Karchava, who accused Petre and his accomplices in attempt to " kill" Ilia II.

The prosecutor"s office will also be involved in investigation of this issue, said Jarji Tsiklauri, Prosecutor of cyanide case.