25 June 2018,   19:26
Special Operation in Ponichala - Brothers Japarov detained

Yesterday, a special operation was conducted in Kvemo Ponichala, Tbilisi, where two persons were detained on charges of drug crime.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, investigation against detainees is conducted under Article 260 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which implies illegal purchase and keeping of drugs.

According to the family members of the detained Japarov brothers , the accusation is unfounded and the law enforcers have planted drugs.

According to Japarov, initially his brothers were summoned to the police station and when the riot arrived in their home, the brothers were still in the police station.

The family members of the detainees demand from the Ministry of Internal Affair the timely release of detainees. The family also asks for independent expertise.

The family also does not rule out the fact that the incident is linked to the conflict with the neighbors, because they said that the neighbors living next door were asking to demolish their house The brother of the detainee does not exclude that the neighbor with whom they have conflict has connections with the law enforcers.