23 September 2018,   05:37
Facts of nepotism in district Election Commissions - Courier obtains documents

Facts of nepotism have been indicated in the District Election Commissions. According to the documents, obtained by Courier, the Heads of district election administrations have employed each other"s family members.

Eka Modebadze. the Chairperson of Samgori DEC, does not want to speak about which basis was his son employed by the Election Administration and why she employed the spouse of Gldani election commission chairperson in her office.
After getting acquainted with the documents obtained by "Courier", the DEC chairperson has forced the crew to leave the cabinet.

Ekaterine Chapitsadze works as a lawyer in Samgori district. Since e her husband Soso Ghurtskaia was elected as the judge at the City Court for a three-year probationary term, she receives additional income from the CEC and the agencies of the Ministry of Defense, where she is registered as a trainer and chief lawyer.

Levan Khabeishvili, the Member of " United National Movement" says that there are signs of nepotism and political corruption in the Central Election Commission.