26 September 2018,   01:56
54-man-long scandalous list of "Georgian Dream", which includes public servants involved in election campaign

The City Hall and Gamgeoba employees are engaged in the pre-election campaign of the Georgian Dream in parallel with the service. This information was provided to the Courier by a confidential source from the party.

According to the source, there is a list of 54 public servants who are actively involved in the election campaign. These people receive salaries in the state service, but they are working on mobilization of votes for "Georgian Dream" before the elections.

Irakli Zhamerashvili, an employee of the security service of the City Hall, is the head of the Georgian Dream election district. Manana Kopilashvili is employed in a Tbilisi transport company and has been assigned to control Georgian Dream`s supporters in Samgori district. Inspector of Monitoring Iservice - Inga Jeladze collects votes for the dreams. Manana Gurgenidze is also the head of the polling station in parallel with the work in the kindergarten.
Nugzar Golobiani, director of municipal cemetery, is also responsible for collecting supporters for "Georgian Dream". He did not hide in the conversation with the "Courier" that he is collecting votes for the ruling party.

In the list obtained by "Courier" 12 persons who work as coordinators and supervisors of the district are in parallel employees of Samgori district administration.