26 September 2018,   13:44
Use of administrative resources, so called scandal of kindergarten directors - NDI holds meetings with third sector

The use of administrative resources by the ruling party in the pre-election period,the scandal of the kindergartens` directors and the swearing on quran used by the "Georgian Dream" in Dmanisi - these issues were focused on at the meeting with the NDI observation mission.

Four days before the elections, NDI short-term mission started closed meetings with NGOs. The mission receives information about pre-election environment directly from subjects involved in the election process.

Eurasia Partnership Foundation Consultant Per Eclund says that monitoring is entirely focused on the electoral process.

Laura Thornton, director of the US National Democratic Institute (NDI) office in Georgia, said that during the meetings, the focus was on the problematic issues.

"The conversation touched upon a number of violations, such as misuse of administrative resources, intimidation, recruitment of local election commissions and others,"- said Laura Thornton.

According to Laura Thornton, a report will be published on the second day of the elections.