18 October 2018,   03:48
"Your children will be detained" - according to the Aspindza Governor State Security Service forces employees to resign

Levan Tsabadze, the Aspindza Governor states that his employees are pressured by the State Security Service. Levan Tsabadze is a member of Georgian Dream, However, in upcoming elections runs as the independent candidate. The governor states that the State Security Service tries to intimidate employees and imitate that it is Levan Tsabadze who forces them to leave their positions.
According to Levan TRsabadze, his employers are threatened that their family members will be arrested.
Seven employees have left their positions on bases of their personal statements.
According to the reports, they have resigned under pressure. They do not confirm the information.

Levan Tsabadze says they are afraid and one of the former staff members confirms in private conversation that the decision was taken as a result of pressure from the State Security Service.