19 October 2018,   18:31
"There are violations of the election norms, but this is not of a systemic character" - Janos Herman

How was the topic of self-government elections covered in the media - Three organizations presented the primary results of the monitoring. "Charter of Journalistic Ethics" monitored the TV space, "Internews Georgia" studied radio stations and "Civil Development Institute" studied printed media and online editions.

The project is being implemented by the UNDP with financial support of the European Union.

The initial results of the monitoring were evaluated by the EU Ambassador to Georgia today. Janos Herman emphasizes the importance of conducting a pre-election campaign in a normal environment.

"This year`s media monitoring has showed progress which is very good, but there are some problems. I hope it also shows what weaknesses are there and what should we focus on in the future. As for the electoral environment, we rely on the OSCE conclusion. It is important for us that a pre-election campaign is conducted in a decent atmosphere. We get information from all participants and political parties, including about the violations. There are violations of the election norms, but this is not of a systemic character. Most of them, according to our information, refer to the misuse of administrative resources. We hope the government will pay attention to this, "- said Janos Herman.