11 December 2018,   12:09
Scheme by which Poroshenko`s government falsified case against Saakashvili - interview with a hacker group member with "Courier"

The scheme by which the Poroshenko`s government falsified the case against Mikheil Saakashvili - "Courier" has interviewed a member of an international hacker group who has been blackmailed by Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and was forced to organize fraud.

The person who introduced himself to the "Courier" as a member of the hacker group Anonymus, speaks about the scheme enacted in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the General Prosecutor"s Office.

Igor Makarov names several people who, according to his information, worked in the president"s administration during Saakashvili. The former employees of the administration can not recall such individuals. Except for one - the programmer, who had a decisive role in the operation, according to Makarov.

Accounts to which Georgian and Ukrainian hackers had to transfer hundreds of millions of dollars and euros from Europe, were opened by several Georgian citizens in one of the largest banks of Turkey - Turkish Finance Katalmi and one of the largest banks in Georgia in 2016. At least one operation was carried out through the "Finance Katlim". As Makarov says, Lasha entered the account with his help and transferred a big amount of money. Then, in October 2017, they were summoned to Kiev for a private meeting with General Prosecutor Lucenko.

Igor Makarov still keeps a copy of the hundreds of documents received from Ukrainian law enforcers. Besides banking documents, there are also data on passports of citizens of Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, China and other countries, some of which, according to his information, work as a black money collectors who deposit in any country any amount of black cash and receive for serviices 20 percent of the money . There is a doubt that such a scheme was used in the case of Saakashvili.

A criminal case on the charges of fraud was launched against against Makarov. He met Davit Sakvarelidze, a member of Saakashvili"s party two weeks ago and handed him a copy of the documents.

This interview was recorded on November 19th, since the alternate confirmation of the facts has proved to be difficult, it has not been broadcast yet.