18 January 2019,   20:56
Special Operation in Pankisi - NGOs demand to summon State Security representatives within Trust Group Format

In response to questions related to the special operation in Pankisi, the civil sector is demanding to summon the heads of the State Security in the trust group format.

NGOs say it will be good if this meeting will be held in an extended format and they will be given the right to attend.

The civil sector also speaks about the necessity of strengthening the state control over the state security service.

"The format of the Security Council is not the only one where the government should pay attention to this issue. The other side is the parliamentary supervisory mandate that the Parliament has and it can summoned the relevant services and receive information, "said Sulkhan Saladze, chairman of the GYLA.

NGOs held demonstration at the Government Chancellery at the end of the day demanding transparent investigation.