14 December 2018,   10:38
Law on Broadcasting - Parliament is waiting for President"s decision

Three days remainf before the decision on the Law on Public Broadcasting, by the President. It is about the possible veto of the law. Parliament approved the Law on Public Broadcast on December 22.

With the changes, the Public Broadcaster is allowed to post commercial advertisements on weekdays.

The opposition calls on the president to use veto.

"This is a law by which the authorities are trying to oppress private, independent broadcasters, including of course Rustavi 2. Consequently, I hope that the President will use the constitutional right to veto this law and thus will actually protect media freedom in the country, "- said Tinatin Bokuchava, member of" UNM ".

In "European Georgia" it is said that changes will affect private broadcasters, which will eventually reflect on the country"s development.

The parliamentary majority approves the amendments to the law . The ruling team is ready to overcome the veto if needed.