14 December 2018,   10:37
Law on drug policy - Opposition speaks about need for liberalization

The Parliamentary Opposition responds to the appeal of the Georgian Patriarchate to discuss the draft law on drug policy. One of the leaders of the "National Movement" Nika Melia reminds the ruling team of his own promises.

Melia says that "Georgian Dream" has promised to liberalize drug policy, which must be fulfilled.

"I hope that they will fulfil their promise because in this country should end the time when people used to be sentenced to imprisonment for years," said Nika Melia.

Members of "European Georgia" speak about the necessity of liberalization as well. The party members say that the draft law existing in the parliament has yet to be resolved.
"The discussion must continue in Parliament. This is a matter of the Parliament and we think that the bill that today exists should be more sophisticated, "said Sergi Kapanadze.

The Patriarchate of Georgia asks Parliament to temporarily stop discussion on the draft law on drug policy. The Patriarchate does not support the prosecution of drug users but believes that it is necessary to set additional regulations for the drug distributors.