12 December 2018,   08:16
Law on Broadcasting - Civil sector advises the president to use veto

Law on Public Broadcaster - NGOs advise the President of Georgia to use the right of veto. The civil sector informs the President"s Parliamentary Secretary on their position.
Nata Dzvelishvili, the Executive Director of Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics names three major problems in the law. The case concerns the exit from the Common procurement system, startups and commercial advertisements.

Due to the Law on Broadcasting, the Executive Director of the Regional Broadcasting Association draws attention to the differences in the management team. According to Natia Kuprashvili, the law on Broadcasting has divided the ruling team in two. Kuprashvili believes that in case of the veto, the parliamentary majority will have more time to clarify the situation.

"I think that part of parliamentarians did not have time to clarify the details of the draft law. Accordingly, if the draft law is not signed, I think that the majority will have more time to study it better, "said Natia Kuprashvili.

According to the disputed law already approved by the parliament, the Georgian Public Broadcaster, which already is financed from the budget by 52 million GEL will be allowed to place commercial advertising.