14 December 2018,   10:39
Chairperson of "Young Lawyers Association" met with representatives of the Salafi community

The chairperson of the "Young Lawyers Association" met with representatives of the Salafist community in the village of Duisi. The meeting was held in a new mosque where the main topic of discussion was the case of Temirlan Machalikashvili who was wounded during the special operation on December 26.

Sulkhan Saladze calls on the government to contact the Pankisi people not through media outlets but to contact them directly and get information from them on the spot. GYLA"s head say that the question whether the use of force against Machilakashvili was proportionate.is still unanswered.

"In this case, the government must carry out an objective investigation in the shortest time and tell the public the truth," said Saladze.