14 December 2018,   10:39
Government, "Georgian Dream" and Personally, Kvirikshvili Are Responsible for Illegal Imprisonment of Afgan - Leila Mustaphaeva

"We addressed the European Court of Human Rights in August. Mukhtarli"s case is included in the list of priorities. So we do not have to wait for a long time, " -the statement was made by the Azerbaijani journalis, Apgan Mukhtar"s wife,
after the announcement of the verdict.
The Belaknani Court sentenced Afgan Mukhtar to 6 years in prison. The investigation charged him with smuggling, illegal crossing of the border and disobedience to border guards.

Leila Mustapayaeva noted with Rustavi 2 that the Georgian government is responsible for the arrest of her husband. According to Leila Mustapayeva, Afgan Mukhtarli confirms that the Georgians took him to the border of Azerbaijan.

"Of course, the Georgian government and the party" Georgian Dream "are responsible for the arrest of Afgan, because his kidnapping was planned and implemented in Georgia and the subsequent process continued in Azerbaijan. Mukhtarli confirmed that he was taken by Georgians to the border. Neither the police nor the Prosecutor"s Office have responded to my statement yet. We still do not know who was officially involved in the kidnapping of Afgan. I am convinced that Afghans can recognize these people. Accordingly, Georgian government, "Georgian Dream" and personally, Prime Minister Kvirikshvili are responsible for illegal imprisonment of Afgan, "said Leila Mustafayeva.

Afgan Mukhtarli"s lawyer says the court verdict is unjust and says he will appeal it. appeal it.