14 December 2018,   10:36
Salaries of high officials of the City Hall will be doubled

The salaries of high officials of the City Hall will be doubled. The order has already been sent to the City Council for approval. This decision is justified by the new government of the capital city by the new regulation n the law on civil service.

Irakli Nadiradze, chairperson of the Tbilisi Sakrebulo faction of "United National Movement" says that the government thinks only about themselves.

"At the time when people are getting gas, light and medicines for increased prices and hardship is growing day by day, the "Georgian Dream" high officials are increasing their salaries. They do nothing else besides thinking about their well-being , "- said Nadiradze.

Giorgi Gabashvili, chairperson of Tbilisi Sakrebulo faction "European Georgia - Tbilisi" said that such a decision is not surprising from Kaladze because it is the Georgian Dream"s handwriting.

Tbilisi Sakrebulo Property Management and Finance-Budget Commission Chairman Irakli Zarkua does not agree with the opposition and once again notes that by this decision bonus or supplements will not be given and employees will only receive salaries