19 August 2018,   06:16
13 recusals in 3 Days - Ana Dolidze calls events in Council of Justice punitive operation

The process of interviewing of the applicants for the lifetime appointment of judges ended up in the Supreme Council of Justice in a protest mode. The non-judge member of the council appointed by the president was forced to leave the meeting room five times. Due to critical statements of Ana Dolidze, 5 candidates for life-time appointment to the position of judges expressed their distrust to Dolidze during the interview and demanded her recusal.

At the request of most of the applicants , the meeting was closed even for NGOs. Overall, in the last three days, 13 candidates out of 50 have joined the protest against Anna Dolidze.

According to the assessment of the member appointed by the President in the Council, a punitive operation is underway.

Life-time candidates claim that the protest against the member of the council is not an organized attack. Judges perceive the court"s criticism as embarassment.

Nino Gvenetadze, the chairperson of the Council, did not express her position on this issue.