20 January 2019,   14:15
Only boys will get only scholarship in Levan Vasadze"s school

Iakob Gogebashvili school in Kiketi, which belongs to Levan Vasadze, will give scholarship only to boys. Human Rights Defenders appealed to Ombudsman to study the fact. According to Baia Pataraia, representative of the NGO "Sapari", the principle of discrimination and equality has been violated.

The Public Defender considered discriminatory the rule of issuing a scholarship based on sex .

The letter sent by Levan Vasadze School to the Ombudsman says that the encouragement of the boys was aimed at protecting the gender balance, as the girls prevailed in the 8th grade. The school argument is not acceptable for the Public Defender.

The director of Kiketi school did not meet the "Courier" today, and other members of the management did not want to answer the questions.