23 January 2019,   02:11
The ruling team is preparing to change the rules of funding for parties

The ruling team plans to change the rules of funding for parties.

As the Chairman of the Parliament explained, the real opposition will receive money and not 20 parties who are financed from the budget today. However, whom and with what criteria the state will finance,Chairman of the Parliament did not specify today.

This is not the first statement of Irakli Kobakhidze on this issue. The Chairman of the Parliament announced the amendment to the rule of party financing last year, but today it is clear that the ruling team plans to take specific steps and start consultations.

Opposition parties suspect that the government will use changes in the law to pressure political parties.

In parallel, 19 parties are preparing to submit their own package. Most part of the opposition parties have already agreed on the necessity of making amendments to the budgetary financing of the parties.