25 June 2019,   12:37
Terminated agreement with City Park - the company representatives talk about illegal decisions

From April 10, by unilateral decision of City Hall, City Park will be deprived of the right to administrator parking in Tbilisi and this right will be transferred to Tbilisi City Hall.

As parking inspectors say, after the announcement of the Mayor, it was difficult for them to work in the street because some of the population thought that the car can be parked wherever the driver wanted. Some of the drivers are aggressive and verbally insult the inspectors.

There are 2085 municipal parking lots in Tbilisi. The deputy of Kakha Kaladze says that the employees of the City Hall visited all of them in February and found that "City Park" was not working well.

Despite the fact that Kaladze announced a break-up on "City Park" on March 13, the protocol of the relevant violations was signed on March 15 only