21 January 2019,   08:40
"Absolutely incredible Violent Attack," - MPs Assess Attack on Rustavi 2

Members of Parliament speak about the violence carried out on the broadcasting company at the session of parliament. The opposition accuses Georgian Dream of encouraging a violent group.

"This was absolutely incredible violent attack by an extremist violent group on a journalist of Rustavi 2," says Elene Khoshtaria.

The statement was made by Giga Bokeria, the deputy leader of the parliamentary minority, member of the "European Georgia" faction.

"There should be a clear margin between the ruling party and the pro-Russian groups commit violence, and preach hatred and wickedness and publically threaten to rape, which you have not condemned, " Giga Bokeria said.

A Leader of the parliamentary majority Archil Talakvadze says that "Georgian Dream" distances itself from violence. He denies any links between Georgian March and Georgian Dream.