21 January 2019,   08:37
One of the most probable reasons for businessman Nugzar Kakhidze"s murder is dispute over shares

The main witness in the murder of businessman Nugzar Kakhidze was interrogated late last night. Law enforcers probably had the most questions with the woman who was in the apartment with Kakhidze and was wounded. Investigators carried out questioning of Guram Katsnashvili Nugzar Kakhidze"s business partner, one of the shareholders of "Varketili 96", in the presence of his attorney.

The business partner of the murdered left from the back door, but the lawyer spoke openly about the disagreement between Kakhidze i and Katsnashvili. Murder in the center of Tbilisi is related to a dispute over business shares. "Kurieri" reports that this version is also an investigation.

Nugzar Kakhidze was killed by a 30-year-old man in his house yesterday.