RUSTAVI2 Rustavi2 TV News Portal RSS Feed Rustavi2 Broadcasting Company "Everything is not over" - former judge of ECHR, Nona Tsotsoria about the case of "Rustavi 2"

Former judge of the European Court Nona Tsotsoria responds to the decision of the European Court of Human Rights on the case of "Rustavi 2." She says that the decision is a huge disappointment.
Nona Tsotsoria says that the fight should be continued.
"I do not hide it, the decision is a huge disappointment. I knew judges believed they were the guardians of democracy and democratic values.
I hope that despite this very unfortunate decision, the European Court of Human Rights will continue its primary mission - to prevent authoritarianism and totalitarianism. The fight continues ", - Nona Tsotsoria.

19-07-2019 15:43 +0400
"Rustavi 2" belongs to me and I am going to register 80% of shares to ten fighter journalists who will have a court dispute with Khalvashi,"- Okruashvili


Irakli Okruashvili plans to gain back Rustavi 2 and register 80% of its shares to journalists.

As the former Defense Minister explains in the interview with "Courier", he was the real owner of the TV company, which registered his shares nominally Kibar to Khalvashi, what is confirmed by the agreement.

According to Okruashvili, he was not able to start a dispute until the company was transferred to Khalvashi.

" Rustavi 2 never belonged to Rustavi 2, he was always a nominal figure and was represented others. It is confirmed in the agreement, based on which I ask it back, but it is not interesting.

I"m going to do a very simple thing. I am going to give 80% of my request to ten independent, fighter journalists for free and they will continue their dispute with Khalvashi. In this case with Khalvashi, but Ivanishvili is standing behind all of this. In order not to let Ivanishvili to take Rustavi 2 and turn Georgia into North Korea.

Tonight I am coming and I am going to meet with these journalists tomorrow, "Okruashvili says.

According to him, Kibar Khalvashi has his debt for a long time, the dispute is on the financial side, but Kibar Khalvashi states that the document is free and refuses to visit the Samkharauli Expertize Bureau in order to establish the authenticity of a signature on the document.

Irakli Okruashvili says that Kibar Khalvashi will not be able to declare that this document is false. According to him, this dispute will definitely end in favour of him and for those journalists.

19-07-2019 15:00 +0400
Former owners of the "Rustavi 2" will appeal the decision of the European Court of Human Rights to the Grand Chamber

Former owners of the "Rustavi 2" will appeal the decision of the European Court of Human Rights to the Grand Chamber. As the lawyers note, the government should take into consideration their demand.
According to Dimitri Sadzaglishvili, the government should not transfer the shares to Kibar Khalvashi before the Grand Chamber will not make the decision on the case.
"Wrong information was spread by some agencies, the "Rustavi 2" is going to appeal the decision to the Grand Chamber. It should be emphasized that the authorities did not take into consideration the fact that the former founders had not been able to appeal to the Grand Chamber spontaneously. Status quo should be the same before the end of the case," - said Dimitri Sadzaglishvili.

19-07-2019 14:41 +0400
"We are dealing with pseudo-democratic forces" - PM of Georgia on Rustavi 2

" These events have nothing to do with media pluralism and possible damage to this great achievement, " A prime Minister of Georgia comments on the developments in Rustavi 2.

According to Bakhtadze, "Rustavi 2" is a pseudo-democratic power that claims for years that its main goal is Georgia"s European way. Bakhtadze says that yesterday showed that this is not the case.

" Once again it turned out to be a farce. We once again saw how the "National Movement" tries to insult main principles and values, on which European values are based,"- Mamuka Bakhtadze said.

19-07-2019 14:03 +0400
"I call him "Zhirinovsky" of the High Council of Justice - Ana Dolidze about Sergo Metofishvili

Ana Dolidze, the non-judge member of the High Council of Justice, responds to the criticism of Sergo Metopihvili for taking part in political debates. She calls him "Zhirinovsky" of the High Council of Justice and says she can not seriously consider his remarks.
According to Dolidze, her and Nazi Janezashvili"s activity creates inconvenience for the members of the board.
"I call him the "Zhirinovsky" of the High Council of Justice. I think we make them inconvenient. We have to work under terrible conditions.. All of this is his the response to our criticism," - Dolidze said.
Sergo Metofishvili, member of the High Council of Justice, criticized Ana Dolidze for leaving the session and for participation in political debates on "TV Pirveli."

19-07-2019 13:01 +0400
"I told him about our corporate culture, which is in the company and every employee feels it" - Paata Salia met with Financial Director Rustavi 2

A newly appointed Director General of "Rustavi 2" meets the heads of various departments of the TV company from the morning.
The first such meeting was held with the financial director.

Paata Salia stated from the first minutes of his appointment that he wanted to learn more about the finances of the company which were seized for four years by the request of Khalvashi.

According to Rustavi 2"s financial director Irakli Nizharadze, Paata Salia will be given an opportunity to get acquainted with the company"s financial position.

Nizharadze says that the new Director General was informed about the corporate culture in the company.

Paata Salia plans to meet with heads of departments and employees today.

19-07-2019 12:09 +0400
Irakli Okruashvili sues to Kibar Khalvashi - Okruashvili insists that "Rustavi 2" is his property

Irakli Okruashvili Against Kibar Khalvashi - Irakli Okruashvili sues to Kibar Khalvashi about the ownership of the "Rustavi 2."
Irakli Okruashvili argues that the TV company is his property.
According to the lawyer of Okruashvili, in 2016 revealed the document signed in Berlin in 2010, which identifies that Kibar Khalvashi was the representative of the former defence minister. According to Okruashvili Khalvashi violated the agreement and he should pay 7 million dollars to him.
Representatives of Irakli Okruashvili say that they have preliminary requirement about the seizure of shares of the "Rustavi 2" owned by Kibar Khalvashi. They will appeal the fact for the next week and it will already be requested to transfer shares to Irakli Okruashvili. The basis of this agreement enables Okruashvili to require shares and the property of the company. In 2004, Irakli Okruashvili bought 100% of "Rustavi 2", during this period Kibar Khalvashi was a person affiliated with him. Paata Salia says that the document is falsified but the lawyers of Okruashvili have confirmed evidence of three experts, including the Expert of the Paris Appeal Court and conclusion of an expert of the Samkharauli National Bureau of Expertise.
The lawyer of Irakli Okruashvili Gia Zedelashvili said that these documents confirm that shares of "Rustavi 2" were acquired by Irakli Okruashvili with the name of Kibar Khalvashi. Kibar Khalvashi had no authority to deal with the company or the government about the "Rustavi 2" without any agreement with Irakli Okruashvili. He violated the agreement, so he is required to pay 7 millions of dollars to Irakli Okruashvili.

19-07-2019 11:07 +0400
Paata Salia is meeting with the financial director of "Rustavi 2"

New Director-General of "Rustavi 2" Paata Salia is meeting with the financial director of the "Rustavi 2." Meeting between Paata Salia and Irakli Nizharadze is held behind the closed doors in the office of the broadcasting company.
Salia came to the "Rustavi 2" a few minutes ago.
After the decision of the European Court of Human Rights, the government registered 100% of shares of the broadcasting company as the possession of Kibar Khalvashi. The lawyer Paata Salia was appointed as the Director-General of the "Rustavi 2." The Public Registry confirmed the demand of Khalvashi about the change of the Director-General.

19-07-2019 10:57 +0400
IRI publishes ratings of politicians - Ivanishvili is not in the top ten

The personal rating of politicians - David Bakradze, one of the leaders of the European Georgia has the highest rating according to research of the AmericanRepublican Institute.

According to the IRI survey, five of the top rated politicians are: Davit Bakradze 59%, Kakha Kaladze 49%, Grigol Vashadze 48%, Davit Usupashvili 41% and Shalva Natelashvili 41%.

The IRI poll was conducted before the brutal raid of June 20.

40% evaluate the Minister of Internal Affairs positively.

38% Evaluate positively the Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze.

Salome Zurabishvili - 36%.
Only about 35% assess positively Bidzina Ivanishvili.

19-07-2019 10:03 +0400
The political rating of "Georgian Dream" is much less than the overall rating of the opposition parties - IRI


International Republican Institute officially publishes results of public opinion survey.

The results of research on parties and politicians reiterate that the political rating of the Georgian Dream is far less than the overall rating of the opposition parties.

On the question - who would you vote for this week? Answers were distributed as follows: Only 26% of the population supports the Georgian Dream. United Opposition"s rating is 22% and "European Georgia - Free Democrats" have 7% support. "Patriots Alliance" and "Labor Party" share 5-5% support. The ratings of the other parties do not exceed 2%.

The IRI poll was held before the severe raid on June 20.

19-07-2019 09:56 +0400
"The opposition believes that this is part of an attempt to silence the media" - The New York Times

The world"s leading media outlets respond to the decision of the Strasbourg court on Rustavi 2"s case.
The New York Times reports that the popular TV channel is starkly critical of Moscow.
"In recent years the popular TV station, which overtly criticizes Moscow, has been at the center of a highly politicized ownership row which the opposition says is part of an attempt to muzzle the media." writes the author of the article.

19-07-2019 09:24 +0400
The European Court was not given an opportunity to discuss substantially the issue of alleged violation of the broadcasting company"s freedom of expression - Public Defender

"Unfortunately, the European Court of Justice was not given an opportunity to have a reasonable discussion on the alleged violation of the freedom of expression of the broadcasting company," the Public Defender writes on the decision made regarding Rustavi 2.

According to Nino Lomjaria, free media is an important prerequisite for promoting human rights and good governance in the country. Taking into consideration this, the Public Defender hopes that the changes already implemented in the part of the owners of broadcasting company "Rustavi 2" will not negatively affect the pluralistic media environment in the country and professional freedom of the journalists employed in the company.

19-07-2019 07:50 +0400
Great challenge for Georgian fragile democracy and serious threat to pluralistic media environment - NGOs on Rustavi 2

The big challenge for Georgian fragile democracy and serious threat to the pluralistic media environment- is the assessment of the new reality after the European Court decision on Rustavi 2.
"There is no doubt that the change of owners of" Rustavi 2 "was in the interests of the government, and they openly stated about it, and it is important not to continue the vicious practice in the Georgian media space when the change of owner/manager will directly reflect the critical editorial policy of the broadcaster"s authorities." - is written in a statement signed by 15 NGOs.
It also says that Rustavi 2"s new owner and management should provide editorial independence of journalists and provide them with the editorial freedom in accordance with their own conscience, as well as guaranteeing the rights of broadcaster employees through appropriate effective mechanisms.
"It is in fact a threat to the fundamental principle of democracy, regarding pluralistic thought. Therefore, everyone should understand this. Now it is important for us to take adequate measures to protect employees" rights and interests. Right to editorial independence and as it was before in history in Georgia that change of management caused a change in editorial policy, it should be avoided, "said Giorgi Mshvenieradze, chairman of the NGO" Georgian Democratic Initiative "
.According to GYLA"s chairman, the issue of principle is that Rustavi 2"s continues to broadcast and retains its editorial independence. According to Sulkhan Saladze, GYLA expresses readiness for legal assistance to the company.

19-07-2019 07:40 +0400
"This is an accelerated attempt of the government to take away the critical media" - Dito Sadzaglishvili on the decision of the Public Registry

The government was very quick to reflect this change in the registry - this statement was made by the lawyer Dito Sadzaglishvili.
The lawyer of the broadcasting company Rustavi 2 claims that the Ministry of Justice operates with speedy steps in favor of the government.
Dito Sadzaglishvili says that Tea Tsulukiani"s Office violated the law, which shows that the government was quick to make changes in the registry.
"The actions of the Public Registry was the violation of the law when two document registered with accelerated regime. Authorities want to expell the free speech as soon as possible. This is a wrong decision, it is an illegal decision. Kibal Khalvashi violated the rights of the owners of the "Rustavi 2" when he registered himself as the owner without the results of appeal." - said Dito Sadzaglishvili.
According to the lawyer, the Ministry of Justice did not take into account the document that was signed between the owners of the broadcasting company and Nika Gvaramia.
"As for the resignation of the Director, yesterday we presented the contract to the registrar, where the rules and conditions were codified how the director should be dismissed, but apparently the registering authority did not take into consideration the legal document that was signed between the company and the general director. Another important issue is in the data of the registry, it shows that additional documentation has been presented, which may be assumed that initially, the application was missing a certain document, but instead of official procedures additional document has been submitted by the Public Registry," - said the lawyer.

18-07-2019 18:24 +0400
"There should be concerns over the continuation of democratic debates" - Laura Thornton on the case of Rustavi 2

Laura Thornton, director of the NDI Georgia office, responds to the decision of the European Court of Human Rights on the case of Rustavi 2. She points out that meeting between the representatives of the "Rustavi 2" and diplomats, NGOs was emotional. Moreover she thinks that decision of the court can be dangerous for future.
"The is real threats for the democracy, especially it is dangerous for the elections of 2020. NDI stresses the importance of a diverse and free media environment," - Thornton said.

18-07-2019 18:06 +0400
"If people loose freedom of speech, they will go to the street" - Nino Daneli

"Every group that has been oppressed by the government has lost the platform of dialogue and support" - said media expert Nino Danelia.
According to Nino Danelia, when the society loses the freedom of speech they start strikes. She stressed one of Bidzina Ivanishvili"s statement where he said that if Rustavi 2 is turned off, people will see that everything is fine in the country. According to her,, citizens can change what they do not like, because "the government has exploded the democracy just like exploded the Sakdrisi.
Danelia says that nowadays media environment is worsening and it has reflection in the international reports.
"The quality of democracy in Georgia has deteriorated sharply today. There is no pluralistic media environment anymore. Apparently, the government can not listen to the critical opinion," - said Nino Danelia.
Nino Danelia thinks that the management of the company should make the exact decision.

18-07-2019 17:02 +0400
Public Registry registered Kibar Khalvashi as owner of 100 % share of "Rustavi 2"

The Public Registry has registered Kibar Khalvashi r as a 100% shareholder of Rustavi 2 broadcasting company.

The Public Registry has already reviewed the appeal of Kibar Khalvashi"s attorney. According to the new report, 100% of TV company "Rustavi 2" is owned by Kibar Khalvashi and his company. Personally, Kibar Khalvashi is the owner of 60% o of shares and LTD "Panorama" is the owner of 40 %.

18-07-2019 16:01 +0400
Joint Statement of Rustavi 2 TV news and Political Programs

Employees of Broadcasting Company Rustavi 2"s news and political programs make a joint statement. The channel employees support Nika Gvaramia and say that Rustavi 2"s General Director is the main guarantee of the channel"s editorial policy. The statement reads : 

"The decision of the Human Rights Court of Strasbourg, which leaves the main bastion of western values in Georgia alone in a battle for these values, causes our frustration.
We believe that in such situation, the main problem and threat to the channel, media space, and ultimately the whole country, is a change of the critical editorial policy of political programs and the whole of Rustavi 2.
We believe that Nika Gvaramia on the position of Director-General and his labour contract was the main guarantor of Rustavi 2"s editorial independence because Nika Gvaramia expresses and protects the values for which all employees of" Rustavi 2 "are fighting for. And his contract with "Rustavi 2", which is valid until December 31, 2020, is an additional guarantee for each employee, that the management of the channel will not change, accordingly, the management and our editorial independence will be guaranteed.

Kibar Khalvashi"s statement that he does not intend to change editorial policy or company employees except Nika Gvaramia, is not reliable for us and it appeared in the first minutes when his lawyer and as he says the future Director-General of the broadcasting company - Paata Salia arrived at the Public Registry to register shares of the broadcasting company with representatives of the pro-governmental media and has not informed the news department of Rustavi 2 or responded to phone calls of Rustavi 2"s producers.
We believe that Khalvashi represents the government of Bidzina Ivanishvili, who has been using all the possibilities and all the branches of power against "Rustavi 2". The political group that has been trying to change Rustavi 2"s critical editorial policy since the very first day of being in power.

All employees of "Courier" set as their personal and professional goal Georgia"s integration into Western civilization, for the establishment of democratic values in the country and fighting against the Occupier, Russia.
We do not believe that Bidzina Ivanishvili, "Georgian Dream" and Kibar Khalvashi, supported by them share these goals and agree with our spirit.

That is why our position is the following: Change of management in the broadcasting company By Kibar Khalvashi will be the first step towards changing the editorial policy of " Courier" and the entire channel, which is unacceptable for us.
We call on the Public Registry, not register change of owners before Rustavi 2 uses its right to appeal the decision at the Grand Chamber of Strasbourg Court.

We call on the Public Registry of Justice Ministry not to register the Director-General because Nika Gvaramia"s current contract does not consider the change of management until the end of 2020 and it will be a violation of the law.

In this struggle, we are unanimous and continue to struggle with the channel"s management until the final victory."

18-07-2019 15:44 +0400
Government wants to embezzle the independent media - Davit Zurabishvili

One of the leader of the "Republican Party" Davit Zurabishvili said that normal government should wait for the deadline until it expires. According to him, the execution should not take place until there is a specific clause.
"If the government is trying to execute it right now they will lose. The Grand Chamber will consider the following, it will be taken into consideration.
I am sure that the government can not take from us the right of speech. We do not have the basis of nihilism, the struggle continues, we must protect the "Rustavi 2."
This government does not take into account any mistakes made by the previous government" - said Davit Zurabishvili.
He said that the democratic development of the country will have the problem.

18-07-2019 14:31 +0400
They want to create a mouthpiece, ordinary governmental television - Gigi Ugulava

They want to create the governmental company - this statement was made by Gigi Ugulava, Secretary General of "European Georgia" after the announcement of the decision of the European Court of Human Rights. Ugulava is convinced that the government wants to turn "Rustavi 2" into governmental channel.
Ugulava also speaks about Kibar Khalvashi and calls him the tool of the government.
According to him, the fight is in the decisive phase and we do not have to give up.
"The first and the most important thing I want to say is that no one should ever give up, because the fight continues and I"ll tell you more, the process is in the decisive phase. I new about he possibilities of impediments from the government. They do not give us the opportunity. They want to destroy "Rustavi 2." They want to create governmental channel," - Ugulava said.

18-07-2019 14:13 +0400
"We are completely aware of the announcement, whether the war is inevitable we will win," - Nika Gvaramia

"We are completely aware of the announcement, whether the war is inevitable we will win," - Said Nika Gvaramia, General Director of Rustavi 2.
According to him, he will leave only due to the decision of the broadcasting staff. Nika Gvaramia said that he is not going to leave the company and hand it to Bidzina Ivanishvili.
"Rustavi 2" employees should determine the main thing. I will leave only due to the decision of the broadcasting stuff, I will obey to their position. They have not announced the decision yet. I am not going to hand the company to Bidzina Ivanishvili. I do not consider Kibar Khalvashi as the main actor of the process. I am not going to sacrifice my collective, editorial independence of them and my highest qualification journalists working with Western values. I am not going to give it to Bidzina Ivanishvili to destroy. I"m telling you that I"m going to fight for all of it," - said Nika Gvaramia.
The European Court of Human Rights has recently announced the decision on the case of Rustavi 2.

18-07-2019 14:05 +0400
"Decision is shocking and unbelievable" - Nika Gvaramia responds to the decision of the European Court of Human Rights

Nika Gvaramia responded to the decision of the European Court of Human Rights. The European Court has recently announced the decision on the case of Rustavi 2. The general director of the broadcasting company noted that the decision is legally scandalous.
"We are in Rustavi 2 and we are going to stay here. This decision is shocking and unbelievable. I have the right to criticize. Unfortunately there left  only one option in the decision to appeal and of course we will use this. I can not claim that the court was biased, but it must be incorrect interpretation. This case is very important and we are going to appeal the decision of Judge Urtmelidze and Todua,"- Nika Gvaramia said.
According to the general director of the "Rustavi 2" the cancellation of the temporary measure does not mean that the decision has come into force.
"The cancellation of the temporary measure does not mean that this decision has come into force. The temporary measure was canceled because it was based on the request of "Rustavi 2." I would say that it is legally scandalous, because the second chamber of the same court has admitted the violation of the freedom of expression and the response was utterly revolutionary when the first chamber used the temporary measure. The Second chamber said that this Chamber has not enough qualification. I would say that the decision is scandalous in terms of the communication between the chambers of the same court. It is not my competence, I can only assess this issue. "- said Gvaramia.

18-07-2019 13:33 +0400
"If Ivanishvili is celebrating the victory, he"s lost in reality," - Nino Jangirashvili

"If Ivanishvili is celebrating the victory, he"s lost in reality," - said Nino Jangirashvili, general director of TV "Kavkasia."
Nino Jangirashvili responds to the decision of the European Court of Human Rights on the suspension measure.
According to Jangirashvili, Ivanishvili annulled all the governmental institutions. The government does want not to show it.
"Unfortunately, I assume that this logo and this brand will not be able to broadcast like today, which is very important for Georgia. The broadcasting company is not a wall, no logo, no building, no license, television is people who create this unique context and I think that everything starts from now," - said Nino Jangirashvili.

18-07-2019 13:26 +0400
"Georgian Court has once again passed an international, very critical test" - Mamuka Mdinaradze about Rustavi 2 case

The ruling party evaluates the decision of the European Court of Human Rights. Mamuka Mdinaradze, one of the leaders of the "Georgian Dream" said that the Georgian court passed the test of justice.
"Today the Georgian court has passed an international, very critical test. The European Court of Human Rights declared that the right of fair trial was not violated by the Georgian court. The suspension mechanism canceled and the absolute majority of the judges agreed," - Mamuka Mdinaradze said.

18-07-2019 13:17 +0400
Kibar Khalvashi will decide when the decision on suspension will be executed - Tea Tsulukiani

"The new owner decides when the execution will be enforced," - Tea Tsulukiani, the Minister of Justice said about the decision of the European Court of Human Rights.
She said that parties can appeal to the Grand Chamber only the essential part of the case, where the decision of the ECHR is made by the 6 votes against one.
"The decision about the suspension mechanism can not be appealed and it is into force from today. Parties can appeal to the Grand Chamber only the essential part of the case, where the decision of the ECHR is made by 6 votes against one, they have six months for that.There is a filtration panel that will allow the case to be discussed in the Grand Chamber or will not. The state can not decide when a decision on the suspension can be enforced, the owner should make decision," - Tea Tsulukiani said.

18-07-2019 12:48 +0400
"You are all fought t, so Rustavi2 has to win," - Citizens are gathering in front of Rustavi 2

Citizens are gathering in front of Rustavi 2. They say that they are ready to support the broadcasting company.

According to the supporters, they want Rusyabi 2 to exist.

The Rustavi 2 supporters say that arrived from the regions in order to protect the television.

"All of you are fighting as ordinary soldiers, so Rustavi 2 should win," said one of the supporters from Poti.

They say that everything does not belong to Bidzina Ivanishvili. "Rustavi 2" belongs to people.

18-07-2019 12:17 +0400
Strasbourg Court"s Decision on Rustavi 2"s Case - Legal Department of the Channel reads the decision

The Strasbourg Court has uploaded a decision regarding the case of Rustavi 2 on its official webpage. Now everyone is waiting for the announcement of the decision.

The Rustavi 2 Legal Department is fully mobilized at this moment. The channel"s lawyers have already started studying the decision. In a few minutes, we will know what the Strasbourg Court has decided regarding the case of Rustavi 2.

18-07-2019 11:51 +0400
Disaster in Akhali Nichbisi - Stromng wind deroofed buildings

A disaster in Akhali Nichbisi - Strong wind and rain deroofed a house of Makarashvili family. They were left without house with four minor children.

The family asks for help from the government.

18-07-2019 10:16 +0400
"Georgian Dream" will once again get convinced that there are not 200 people here "- the rally continues on Rustaveli

29 days have passed since the bloody night - the protest continues. The protesters continue their planned actions. Today"s rally will be dedicated to the freedom of media.
At the end of the day, the demonstration - performance was held in front of the parliament building - Lasha Bugadze, Keti Devdariani, Nestan Kvinikadze, and Dato Turashvili held discussions similar to the format of their TV program. Tomorrow evening electronic music concert will be held.
The organizers of the rally announce a different format on Saturday, a month after the events of June 20.

18-07-2019 08:36 +0400
"There is a danger that the authorities will misinterpret this decision," - Tamar Kintsurashvili

Media experts are emphasizing the possible misinterpretation of the decision of the Strasbourg Court. They hope that the European Court will make a decision complying with democratic standards.
"I have no doubt that the Strasbourg Court will find a violation of the right to a fair trial against Rustavi 2, and our government may try to interpret it and try to change the owner in this period, but if it happens, we all will protect Rustavi 2 TV, "said Nino Jangirashvili, general director of Kavkasia TV. Executive Director of Media Development Fund Tamar Kintsurashvili speaks about the threat of the wrong interpretation.
"There is a danger that the authorities may misinterpret this decision, so it is important to mobilize people for whom it is important to maintain a pluralistic environment in the country," said the Executive Director of Media Development Fund,Tamar Kintsurashvili.
Sulkhan Saladze, chairman of the Georgian Young Lawyers" Association, says that now everyone should wait for Strasbourg"s decision, but it is of paramount importance that no one can change the editorial policy of the TV company.
"One thing that I can say is that in any case Rustavi 2 should have a guarantee that nobody will attempt to change editorial independence and policy of the channel, this is Rustavi 2"s decision itself and in any interference or attempt to change editorial policy will negatively affect the state of the media in the country, "Sulkhan Saladze declares.

18-07-2019 08:07 +0400
We are convinced that the violation will be determined at least on Article 6, that is a fair trial, - Gvaramia speaks about Strasbourg"s decision

A few hours remain until Strasbourg"s most important decision - at 12:00 pm, the Strasbourg Court will issue a resolution on Rustavi 2"s case. The ruling team without any grounds has been trying for a long time to create a false opinion in the society that Rustavi 2 will be defeated at the European Court and it will be handed over to Kibar Khalvashi. However, issues related to the company `s ownership are not in the competence of Strasbourg. Its main goal is to establish whether the rights of Rustavi 2 and its owners were violated in the Georgian courts.
The director-general of the channel is confident that the decision will be in favor of the company and calls on Rustavi 2 all supporters to celebrate this day together.
"We are going to celebrate the decision, we are absolutely sure that the violation will be determined at least on Article 6, or a fair trial, which means that the decision of the Supreme Court to attribute the company to Kibar Khalvashi is automatically annulled by Strasbourg court"s decision, It would be desirable that the Strasbourg Court continues its temporary measure and our government is not allowed to seize "Rustavi 2" and commit a crime because the execution of the decision on the case on which the violation was established in any situation is a crime,"- Nika Gvaramia says.

18-07-2019 07:58 +0400
It would be important not to make hasty decisions - Lomjaria speaks about the assessment of Strasbourg"s decision

The Public Defender also speaks about the necessity of avoiding hasty and incorrect interpretation of the Strasbourg Verdict by the Parties. Nino Lomjaria is particularly concerned about the government in this regard. According to her, it is important to analyze the decision of the Strasbourg Court.
"It is very important not to make hasty assessments or decisions, take more steps, it is very important to get acquainted with the decision and make a difference to the contents of this decision and what it asks and what the court will do, I do not exclude that it will leave some space for interpretation. In order not to make hasty and wrong steps especially on the part of the government, it is important to have time for all the objective sides, competent and qualified parties to agree on what the court decision means and the breach of which article was or was not determined, "- states Nino Lomjaria

17-07-2019 21:08 +0400
Detainees in the case of June 20 are waiting for charges

The Ministry of Internal Affairs continues detention of protesters - recently the Ministry detained three more participants of the 20-21 June rally. One of them, Levan Jikuri, was in a pretrial detention isolator and is now in Gudushauri Clinic.
As for the other two detainees, they remain in the pre-trial detention setting and are expecting to be charged.
The lawyer of both of them says that the detainees do not plead guilty. The case concerns the implication that the detainees attacked police and participated in group violence

17-07-2019 19:45 +0400
Gakharia was in the Prosecutor"s Office for questioning - The Minister of Internal Affairs makes special statement

Giorgi Gakharia was in the Prosecutor"s Office for questioning -0 he Minister makes a special statement.
The interrogation has just ended. The case concerns the night of June 20, dispersal of the rally, issued orders, actions of law enforcement officers.

17-07-2019 18:10 +0400
Ivanishvili"s 11 Attacks in 20 Minutes - Interview in Figures


Bidzina Ivanishvili was exceptionally aggressive to journalists in his 20-minute interview today.

During the whole interview, Ivanishvili opposed journalists 11 times. He expressed his aggression in the form of insulting retorts and appeals to journalists.

Ivanishvili"s special aggression was directed to Rustavi 2. In total, he mentioned the broadcasting company Rustavi 2 ten times during the interview and he was aggressive and insulting: " What Gabunia has done is a shame for out identity. I condemn Rustavi 2,"- said Ivanishvili.

Bidzina Ivanishvili responded questions of Adjara and Rustavi 2 : " Calm down, child! Only UNM members have such stupid questions."

He was particularly aggressive to journalists of Rustavi 2 and Adjara TV, " Rustavi2 is a shame and Adjara is their branch,"- said Bidzina Ivanishvili in the interview.

Bidzina Ivanishvili mentioned UNM 12 times during the interview. He repeated several times that in not UNM, Russians would not be able to enter Georgia.

17-07-2019 15:40 +0400
"Shoot us!" - Performance is held in front of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

"Shoot us!" - Participants of the anti-occupation rally are holding performance in front of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They protest the processes of the night of June 20 and demand the resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs.
On the Rusaveli Avenue is held rallies with the demand of resignation of Giorgi Gakharia for more than three weeks. According to the participants they will continue the strike before the resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs Giorgi Gakharia.

17-07-2019 14:43 +0400
10 Years from the August War and the conditions of the Victims in Georgia - NGOs call to the government to enhance their effort

10 years from the August War and the conditions of the victims in Georgia. Non-governmental organizations are discussing about the challenges during the investigation of the International Criminal Court.
Special report prepared by the five organizations, the main part is the recommendations. The civil sector calls to the Georgian authorities for more actions.
"The authorities should be more active and organized to be ensured that the state is properly represented in this important arena and we can prove our truth about the processes of August 2008," - said Sulkhan Saladze.
According to Mr Saladze, refugees think that after the end of the investigation of the International Criminal Court they will return to their homes in the occupied regions, which is wrong. Saladze thinks that the government should make intense communication with people.
Former Public Defender Ucha Nanuashvili states that thousands of people are in the heaviest conditions. They are frustrated, because more than ten years have passed and the conditions have not changed.
"There are no results of the investigation and due to the recent processes people are frustrated," - Nanuashvili said.
According to the Public Defender Nino Lomjaria, the condition of refugees in Georgia and the state of people in the occupied territories is getting worse day-by-day. According to Lomjaria, the government is able to take an active steps in the international arena but does not act respectively.
Former Defense Minister Tina Khidasheli says that the biggest threat is insufficient investigation. According to her, the authorities should do their best to put the defendants on the chair who committed genocide of Georgian people in the occupied regions.

17-07-2019 13:28 +0400
Lavrov"s ultimatum on Rustavi 2 one day before the announcement of the Strasbourg"s decision is not accidental - Mirotadze

Russian ultimatum - the opposition asks the governing team to react adequately. Ani Mirotadze, the former member of the ruling party, says that the government should understand that this is Lavrov"s ultimatum for a sovereign country.

As she states, it can not be casualty that Lavrov made this statement a day before the announcement of the decision of the Strasbourg Court on Rustavi 2.

"They use the language of ultimatum in relation to the sovereign country. I guess the government understands what it means and how they should act in this case. It is very important that one day is left before the decision of Strasbourg. It does not seem to me that it is accidental and I think that it coincides in time for a reason. Today this announcement serves to influence certain priorities.

The ongoing developments in the country are the internal affairs of our country and I hope they are well aware that they should not interfere in our internal affairs, "said Ani Miratadze.

17-07-2019 12:21 +0400
We should tell the authorities that they should be calm on July 20 - Nodar Rukhadze

28th day of protest! The exhibition and sale of books will be held before the start of the rally. Electronic music evening will be held on Friday. On Saturday, organizers of the rally announce a different format a month after the events of June 20.
"We have planned to make a big presentation on July 20, and we should tell the authorities that they should not be calm on July 20 because our peaceful protesters will be able to find you all over Tbilisi," said one of the organizers of the rally Nodar Rukhadze.

17-07-2019 09:39 +0400
In a few hours, the court will discuss the case of 4 detained rally participants

Today, the court will examine the preventive measures for four rally participants detained in the case of the bloody raid on June 20. Among them, the youngest is 22 years old. Based on the video evidence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs claims that young people are distinguished with their aggression against the police. The opposing is claimed by lawyers and family members of the detainees. According to the lawyers, their clients do not plead guilty. At the session, the lawyers will raise their request for bail.
"In the news programs the video was released which shows my client in whose actions I personally did not see any misconduct," said Kakha Ghavtadze"s lawyer.

17-07-2019 08:06 +0400
"Everything happened in the seconds, he reloaded. turned to me and shot." - The victims of the night of 20 June recall the details of the incident

Another law enforcer arrested for the shooting is expected to be officially charged today. After that, the court will discuss the preventive measures. The prosecution is demanding the detention of the employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to the Prosecutor"s Office, he violated the rule defined by the use of special means. The investigation officer of the Special Task Force Department is blamed for abuse of power and inflicting injuries to two participants. Prosecutor"s Office also released video footage of this fact.
One of the victims recollected the events of June 20th when she was shot by the Special Forces.
"I walked up the stairs and stood in front of the special forces, and told them that what they were doing was a shame. One of them reloaded, turned to me and shot at me. My surgeon told me that those were not rubber bullets, but plastic lethal bullets. An immediate operation was carried out, 9 bullets were removed from the thigh. If those who gave the orders are not punished, the punishment of the performer is just sacrificing the performer, "said Tea Meskhishvili.

17-07-2019 08:00 +0400
Party power balance will be upside down - Ivanishvili"s team begins searching for political partners

The balance of power of political parties will be upside down after the 2020 parliamentary elections. Virtually none of the political forces will be able to create a new parliamentary majority and will not be able to form the government. The fact that 2020 will be difficult for remaining in power for the third term was also admitted by the Prime Minister today. Mamuka Bakhtadze said that the "Dream" will discuss the creation of a coalition with everyone, except for the destructive opposition. The fact that the "Georgian Dream" loses confidence and does not have a chance to form a government, is also evident from the last sociological survey of the American Republican Institute.
United Opposition and "European Georgia" are collecting much more than the "Georgian Dream". Unlike the Prime Minister, the leaders of the "Georgian Dream" have not criticized the IRI survey.
Under the new political reality, there are two main political forces in the country, the "Georgian Dream" and the "National Movement". From this study, it seems that none of them can independently form the government. Bidzina Ivanishvili"s former advisor, Gia Khukhashvili, said that decisive for forming the government will be the party that takes the third place and predicted that Mamuka Khazaradze, the founder of TBC Bank will be able to create such a political center. According to Khukhashvili, the government will be formed by the party that Mamuka Khazaradze joins in the 2020 election.
Bidzina Ivanishvili will bring several small parties to the parliament and will try to keep power through satellites. It is not ruled out that the politicians who left the "Dream" and are now trying to launch an independent political game may still be in Ivanishvili"s coalition government. In the case of the opposition everything is clear - all minus the "Georgian Dream", but who will be the " Dream" satellite openly? The only one who might find a common language with "Dream" is "Alliance of Patriots".

16-07-2019 21:10 +0400
According to the Ministry of Health, safety norms were violated in the construction of Dolabauri Street

According to the current information, the construction worker in Dolabauri Street, Tbilisi, was not an adult. The teenager started work on the site a few days ago. He fell into an elevator shaft and died. The body is in prosection.
According to the Ministry of Health, labour inspectorate will conduct investigation and details will be known in the nearest future. According to the preliminary data, safety rules were violated on the construction site.
"An accident occurred today, which caused the death of the employee. The Labor Inspectorate of the Ministry of Health has not studied place before. The inspection is underway, according to the primary data that I have at this time safety norms were violated," - said Beka Peradze, Head of the Labor Conditions Inspection Department.
According to the NGO sector, death of people has become a routine among our society at the workplaces, and the way out is the real protection of labour safety standards.
"Tragedies and deaths of people have become a routine for the Georgian society, full responsibility owns Georgian government. The hardest fact is that the person who died was a teenager. The fact is that the Labor Inspectorate did not make any inspection. There should be a control mechanism and the mechanism of execution, which we talked about, " - said the lawyer Irakli Kupradze.
Parliament adopted the Law on Labor Safety in February 2019. About 70 companies in Tbilisi were inspected and more than 60 critical inconsistencies occurred in the construction places, " - Beka Peradze said.
Representatives of the construction site are in the police station for the interrogation. The Ministry of Health has stopped building process in Dolabauri Street.

16-07-2019 18:45 +0400
Lithuanian tourist in Kazbegi fell in the ice cleft from 4000 meters high


An accident occurred in Kazbegi - a Lithuanian citizen fell from the height of 4000 meters in ice cleft. The rescuers managed to lead him out.

The helicopter of the Border Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was involved in the rescue operation. The tourist was taken to the Gudushauri clinic in Tbilisi.

A 53-year-old man is one of the members of a group of tourists on the glacier.

16-07-2019 16:50 +0400
"I reminded the words of Rodionov at the end of April 9" - noise in the Batumi Assembly

The noise in Batumi Assembly - the initiative of the "United National Movement" was not presented in the agenda. The member of the opposition party was demanding from the Assembly to stress its position about the recent events and the Russian aggression.
The appeal should be sent to the Georgian government, but rejected due to the decision of majority.
The chairman of the assembly is convinced that the state coup was in process and the destructive forces should be sentenced.
The chairperson of the faction "United National Movement" of Batumi Assembly adressed to Suliko Tesidze, Chairman of Batumi Assembly.
"Dear Mr Suliko we remember April 9, I did not intend to launch my speech with these words if not your text. Your speech reminded Rodionov"s words at the end of April 9. This is very bad, Mr Suliko, I did not expect this from you, I thought you were a bit different. I understand that you are under the leadership of Bidzina Ivanishvili and you do not have independence as a politician, but I thought that you could make the right decision," - Mirdat Kamadadze said.

16-07-2019 16:21 +0400
Bloody raid of June 20- detainees are waiting for the sentence

Bloody raid of June 20 - 4 citizens arrested during the rally are waiting for the sentence. Only two of them are identified. As their attorneys say, no one recognizes the accusation. According to the lawyer of Kakha Ghavtadze the video footage spread by the media does not reveal the crime of his client.
"He uses the right of silence. We are waiting for the delivery of case materials and after that we will have the clear position.
The video shows that Kakha Ghavtadze actually helps the police officer to move though people. I think the signs of the crime are not clear against my client," - said Kakha Ghavtadze"s lawyer Beka Tskrialashvili.
Detained police officer was charged.

16-07-2019 15:18 +0400
Bloody raid of June 20 - the arrested police officer was officially charged

On the night of June 20, the police officer was arrested and accused for abuse of power. Almost one month after the bloody raid, the investigation has only one detained law enforcer.
The police officer was charged under the article 333, part 3 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.
In particular, L.I is charged to the abuse of power which caused the violation of rights of the citizen.
The video footage released by the prosecutor"s office. It shows how police officer abused lawyer David Nioradze. The other footage is kept in the archive which shows that Nioradze was the victim of the group violance.
Nioradze was brutally beaten by the Special Forces during the detention. He has granted status of the victim.

16-07-2019 14:09 +0400
Tbilisi will have new buses - Kakhi Kaladze talks about the regulation of public transport

Kakhi Kaladze discussed about the future projects of Tbilisi. One of the main issue was transportation reform.
The Mayor talked about the planned projects together with the municipality staff and handed them salutation diplomas for their work.
According to Tbilisi Mayor, incorrect information was distributed to the people about the micro buses. According to him, distribution of public transport will be implemented by the single system.
"─░ncorrect information was spread about the micro buses path plan. Micro buses will be distributed with the unified system and the suburb and central district will not be separated. The 18 and 24 meter buses will be imported in the capital. Of course, the appropriate bands and infrastructure will be arranged for them, so these buses can easily move around," - said Kakhi Kaladze.

16-07-2019 13:46 +0400
"The government is very desperate" - Tamta Muradashvili responds to Nika Gvaramia

It seems that the government is very afraid two days prior to the decision of the Strasbourg Court - lawyers of Rustavi 2 speak about the complaint, filed by the 9% shareholder of the company against Nika Garamia.

Tamta Muradashvili, the lawyer of "Rustavi 2" says that the arguments of Nino Nizharadze"s lawyer are groundless. According to her, it seems that the government knows that the Strasbourg Court has made a decision, which supports the broadcasting company and now they use Nino Nizharadze and her lawyer, who likely have their personal interest as well.

"As if they wanted to hand it to an audit company and the big four should study the case. Where is this big four? They have not even formulated questions, which will evaluate the work of this company, but they stood ahead because they are the government and the government is afraid of the Strasbourg decision two days earlier.

On the one hand, this is a good fact, Nino Nizharadze and her attorney made full lustration.They told us themselves, who they are. We have not mentioned the lawyer till now, because Nizharadze is his client and represents ger interests, but today we can say that he is personally involved in illegal activities against Rustavi2 ... "said Tamta Muradashvili.

Lawyer Dimitri Sadzaglishvili says that Nizharadze and his lawyer are performing the task of the government. After the broadcasting company "Rustavi 2", the government launched a personal attack on the director-general of the channel. The suit was filed against Nika Gvaramia on behalf of the 9% share holder at the Prosecutor"s Office this morning.

16-07-2019 12:49 +0400
Accident in Tbilisi - the construction worker fell out of the building

The accident occurred in Tbilisi , Dolabauri Street. A construction worker fell out of the building. The man died on the spot.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the investigation started on the 2nd part of the Article 240 of the Criminal Code, which implies violation of the rules of safety in mining construction or other works, causing the death of a person.

16-07-2019 12:26 +0400
Another attack on "Rustavi 2" - 9% shareholder demands to launch criminal persecution against Nika Gvaramia and asks money from the company

After an attack on the broadcasting company "Rustavi 2", the government launched a personal attack on the director-general of the channel.

A suit was filed against Nika Gvaramia at the Prosecutor"s office on behalf of 9% shareholder this morning. Nino Nizharadze"s attorney says that Nika Gvaramia has damaged the company based on the conclusion of the Communications Regulatory Commission.

Nizharadze demands the launch of criminal prosecution against Nika Gvaramia and money from "Rustavi 2".

As Giorgi Kavlashvili says, Nika Gvaramia is responsible for the unilateral decisions, damaging interests of the broadcasting company.

" We require different documentation since 2014, However, we have not received them. The documents, which we have received, indicate signs of crime and facts, which mainly are related to contact with intermedia in the period, when Rustavi 2"s expenses grew and it was necessary to integrate more revenues from advertising revenues, the head of the broadcasting company has signed a contract with intermediate on fixed income. This decision is obviously harmful to the company. Part of the financial documents that we received indicate the circumstances, about which we speak.
It became clear that more shares of income are accumulated in different intermediates, including one of the last, with which the contract is signed, is another intermediate with other founders. One of them is Mr Mikheil Mshvildadze. Mikheil Mshvildadze is the founder of " Presscoproduction." While the production sets up the TV channel " Mesame" with the lawyer of Rustavi 2- Dimitri Sadzaglishvili. We have reasonable doubt that some money is being accumulated in another TV company,"- Khavelashvili says.


16-07-2019 12:23 +0400
Fire in Tbilisi - Fire started in Gldani, in the shopping center "Champion"

Fire in Tbilisi - Fire started in Gldani, in the shopping center "Champion". Part of one of the stores located in the shopping center is burnt. The fire broke out late last night. No one was injured in the accident.
The cause of the fire and the damage is unknown. Expert criminals were working on the ground late. The investigation is ongoing.

16-07-2019 09:19 +0400
Situation in Davit Gareji - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia has released a statement

The situation in Davit Gareji - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia has released a statement.
The agency calls an unfortunate incident the developments in the area adjacent to Georgia and Azerbaijan"s state border in the area of Davit Gareji on July 14.
The statement says that after the immediate response of the corresponding agencies of Georgia, the incident was soon eliminated, and the inquiry started on that.
"Such incidents are not in line with the strategic partnership between our countries and we believe that the meetings of expert groups and delimitation committees should be held in a timely manner, for which the Georgian side is fully prepared," the statement reads.

16-07-2019 09:15 +0400
"Be a tourist, do not be an occupier" - protest performance at Tbilisi International Airport

"Be A Tourist, Do not Be an Occupier" - this slogan organized a demonstration performance at Tbilisi International Airport. According to the organizers, the main goal of the action is tourism promotion in the country. According to them, it is important for the world to see what kind of positive attitude towards tourists is in Georgia, including the tourists who come from the occupying country.
"Our door is very wide open for all tourists, from anywhere in the world who will arrive, including Russian tourists. Only you should not be for occupation, should not serve the Russian government and the Kremlin"s instructions, "said Salome Chelidze, head of the organization" Together Home- Georgia ".

16-07-2019 08:32 +0400
Case of 20 June - Bachuki Kardava will be interviewed in the presence of the magister judge

Bachuki Kardava, another opposition party leader will be interviewed today on June 20 events.
The chairperson of the "National-Democratic" Party will also be questioned in the presence of the magister judge.
According to Bachuki Kardava, the Kremlin"s puppet regime has been prosecuting pro-Western opposition and this is proof of this. The chairperson of the NDP is ready to answer all the questions, however, he expresses no confidence in the investigation when the Interior Minister Giorgi Gakharia has not been interrogated yet.
Bachuki Kardava will go to court without an attorney.
"Bidzina Ivanishvili, who became a Kremlin"s puppet in the country, is logically persecuting the pro-Western opposition, "Bachuki Kardava said.

16-07-2019 08:15 +0400
Noise in Samtredia - People who confronted participants of the anti-occupation rally are relatives of Kaladze and Bakhtadze

Mobilization of the entourage of the authorities against anti-occupation stocks. The "Courier" was in the homes of those people who had challenged young people two days ago in Samtredia.
Part of the organizers of the controversy has evaded the "Courier" camera, while the other part just ran away at the sight of the crew.

Two days ago, they actively confronted the young people demanding Giorgi Gakharia`s resignation. During the conversation with the "Courier" family members confirmed with the senior officials of the government, in particular, the relation with Kakha Kaladze and Mamuka Bakhtadze.

16-07-2019 08:08 +0400
Detainees charged with group abuse will be charged today - one of the detainees is the head of the "Stop Corruption"

Four persons charged with group participation in group violence during the events of June 20-21 will be officially charged today. Their lawyer will visit them in the preliminary detention isolator, after which the detainees will be charged.
Among the detainees is Vato Gelashvili, one of the founders of the organization "Stop Corruption". His associates exclude accusations and say that Gelashvili is detained on political grounds, because he often criticized the government, including speaking in public about corruption in various departments.
The investigation claims that Gelashvili and 3 other people tried to invade the Parliament building in an organized way. The Ministry of Internal Affairs disseminated video material.

16-07-2019 07:51 +0400
Bloody raid on June 20 - detained policeman will be charged today

A police officer detained on charges of using excessive force will be officially charged today. He was taken to the preliminary detention isolator yesterday. After a two-week investigation, the law enforcement agency has detained only one law enforcer.
The video footage released by the prosecutor"s office shows how a police officer is beating a lawyer, Davit Nioradze, but the archive keeps the footage from which it is clear that there was group violence against Nioradze.
Nioradze, who was brutally beaten by the Special Forces during the detention, who was severely beaten was granted the status of a victim.

16-07-2019 07:40 +0400
Ministry of Internal Affairs arrests Vato Gelashvili, head of the organization "Stop Corruption"

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has arrested Vato Gelashvili, the head of the organization "Stop Corruption".
Gelashvili is one of the founders of "Stop Corruption". Numerous facts of corruption have been revealed by the organization.
"This is political revenge and the detention is linked to our organization"s activities because we have revealed the involvement of the government in a lot of corrupt deals and if they think that they will stop us, they are mistaken," said co-founder Kate Enukidze.

15-07-2019 22:09 +0400
Firefighter killed in a fire in the village of Kharajalo

Gala Mikeladze, a firefighter was killed in a fire in the village of Kharajalo.

The emergency brigade has transferred him to Telavi Referral Hospital, but doctors say he was already dead. He worked for more than 20 years in the fire service.The fire broke out in the 5-room house. According to the emergency management service, three fire brigades are trying to extinguish the fire.

The cause of the fire is unknown yet. There are police and experts on the spot.

15-07-2019 18:57 +0400
Negotiations with Azerbaijan are over - Road to the Easter Cathedral will be opened at the end of the week

Negotiations with Azerbaijan are over - in Davit Gareji, the access to the road to the Easter Cathedral will be closed until the end of the week. At the end of the week, it will be opened for pilgrims and tourists. It is about the section where yesterday"s incident occurred.
Negotiations between Georgia and Azerbaijan lasted for a few minutes. Representatives of the Border Police of the two countries were presented at the meeting near Lavra.
Yesterday, the State Border Service of Azerbaijan expelled icons and handed them to the Georgian side as a sign that the territory of the Desert Monastery belongs to Azerbaijan. The incident occurred between the locals and the border guards. Citizens returned the icons in the temple again.

15-07-2019 17:11 +0400
Man has beaten his employee, 47-year-old woman - the woman hospitalized

In Khelvachauri the man beat his employee, a 47-year-old woman. The injured was hospitalized to the clinic "Medina" in Batumi. A woman has an eye injury and has bruises, but none of them is dangerous for life.
Participants of the incident say in conversation with the "Courier" that the disagreement between a man and woman lasts five years and they are not talking to each other. A man denies physical violence against women and says that he insulted only verbally. The injured woman says that she is physically assaulted by her colleague.
The employees of the social agency do not talk about the details of the disagreement but say that the head of one of the department witnessed the incident, but nobody was allowed to the room to help the woman.
The investigation is on-going. The case was launched under Article 126 of the Criminal Code, which implies violence.

15-07-2019 16:48 +0400
Path to Easter Cathedral is closed - official meeting is held on top of Desert Monastery Lavra

The path to the Easter Cathedral is closed in David Gareji. The decision was made by the State Border Service of Azerbaijan after yesterday"s incident. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched an investigation into yesterday"s incident. Yesterday, officers of the State Border Service of Azerbaijan expelled icons from the churches that were later returned by the civilians. An official meeting is held on the head of the Desert Monastery. However, it is not clear who is attending the meeting. At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, "Courier" was told that no one is in Gareji.
As for the general situation, locals, civic activists and clerics ask the Georgian authorities to act respectively to avoid further straining of the situation.
"When you see your monastery"s close door, no one will get calm. Therefore, the monastery should be immediately opened, and urgently need to reach the people there. As for negotiations, there is a map, which was found in Aliyev during Shevardnadze-Aliyev should be the boundary, this is the only official map, where the Desert Monastery is on our side," - Says Father Zaza Tatunashvili.

15-07-2019 15:41 +0400
"Does the president of Georgia tries to implement Russian policy in Georgia?" - student question that irritated the president

"Does the president of Georgia tries to implement Russian policy in Georgia?" - It was a question of Georgian student from one of the German university. The question irritated the president.
The President of Georgia responded aggressively to the student"s question and her administration called attendees illiterates. They addressed the following words: "Children, you do not read."
These insulting remarks followed the students" question. They asked for the president and her administration to be correct and told them that they are free people and are asking legitimate questions.
"There is no little child here and there is no Soviet Union that somebody can insult anyone because of age," - answered the student.
To be reminded, the meeting of Georgian President and Georgian students in Germany ended with the incident. Salome Zourabichvili met with Georgian immigrants in Sofitel hotel in Germany.
In the second part of the conversation, the students asked questions about Russin occupation, border protection and internal processes. The situation was strained and the president ended the meeting.

15-07-2019 15:30 +0400
"President laughed, became aggressive and insulted, which shocked us" - Georgian students in Germany

"The president laughed and became aggressive than she insulted us, which was a real shock" - said Georgian student who attended the meeting in Germany.
Salome Zurabishvili met with Georgian students living in Germany. Students asked critical questions about the on-going processes in Georgia. The students said that their questions irritated the president. Mrs Zurabishvili was asked about Davit Gareji"s case, on June 20, as well as relations with Russia and the statements of Russian officials. The students say that the president was calm when they were talking about sports and education.
"It"s hard when we have such a situation in Georgia and we are talking about sport and education. It was exactly our protest, and here we started. She wanted to talk about issues were not interesting for us from today"s perspective. We asked some critical questions to the President of Georgia, which caused her irritation. At first, she was very calm when questions were about sports, education, etc. When we asked about political issues and the social problems that we have in Georgia right now she became aggressive. We did not expect such a reaction from the president because she has to be committed to taking it easy.
Strange statements were made, the comic situation was created. She called us illiterate. I said "You have an immediate reaction to Gabunia"s statement in which he insulted the Russian president. Based on the above, it is a legitimate question - does the current president of Georgia tries to implement Russian policy in our country?!" She replied to that question ironically, laughed and then irritated, became very aggressive and moved to insult. We are shocked because of the President"s attitude towards the students, "- said Giorgi Khimshiashvili.
After Salome Zourabichvili walked out from the hall, students covered the eye, with this sign they protested the night of June 20.

15-07-2019 15:15 +0400
Personalized rating of politicians - "Courier" obtained the research data of the "International Republican Institute"

The personalized rating of politicians - "Courier" obtained the research data of the "International Republican Institute." The data is sorted by a positive rating.
Davit Bakradze - 59%, Kakha Kaladze - 49%, Grigol Vashadze - 48%, Davit Usupashvili - 41%, Shalva Natelashvili - 41%, Aleko Elisashvili - 40%, Giorgi Gakharia - 40%, Mamuka Bakhtadze - 38%, Salome Zurabishvili - 36%, Giorgi Vashadze - 35%. Bidzina Ivanishvili is not in the top ten, his rating is 35%.
To be reminded, the survey was held until the 20th of June.

15-07-2019 15:09 +0400
"Gakharia Go!" - Participants of the anti-occupation rally will deliver leaflets across the country

26th day of protest - participants of the anti-occupation rally traditionally held various activities in Tbilisi and regions, before the meeting in front of the parliament.
They are distributing leaflets to Tbilisi streets and subways, which says that three young people have lost their eyes during the 20th of June.
240 persons received various injuries, mainly in the face area. 38 journalists were injured during the performance of professional duties. Around 305 participants of the rally were detained by the police with abuse and ill-treatment, and the culprits are unpunished.
At the bottom of the leaflet can be observed the main demand of the protesters - "Gakharia go!"
Apart from Tbilisi, leaflets will be distributed to Gori, Kutaisi, Zugdidi, Batumi, Akhaltsikhe, Telavi and Marneuli.
"We gather not only every day in front of the Parliament, but we also provide the population with information about the crime that was made by the Government of Georgia on June 20. We will not stop," - said Ana Charkhalashvili, one of the organizers of the rally.

15-07-2019 14:36 +0400
So-called presidential election in occupied Abkhazia - Aslan Bzhania delayed his candidacy

So-called opposition leader of occupied Abkhazia Aslan Bzhania has delayed his candidacy from the so-called presidential election. Bzhania"s health condition was named as a version. The family members claim that he was poisoned.
The so-called opposition leader urged the supporters to vote for Alkhac Kvitsiani, a co-chair of the "Amtsakhara" party.
The so-called presidential election is scheduled for August 25 in occupied Abkhazia. According to the initial information, the process should be held on July 21 but postponed due to the illness of Bzhania.

15-07-2019 14:00 +0400
Anti-occupation stickers became the cause of sanctions - the Revenue Service enters "Maknatuna"

Products with anti-occupation content and sanctions against the business owners -The Revenue Service has entered Sunflower producing company "Maknatuna".

This happened after "Maknatuna" reminded customers that 20% of Georgia is occupied with new package of their product.

Specific sanctions were also applied to family members of the founder of this company.

The company is convinced that the reason for pressure is their solidarity with anti-occupation.

"We have created a new product about occupation. We took into consideration the public"s interest . Tornike Tsertsvadze, our friend took our new product on demonstration in Tbilisi, after which he was dismissed from Rugby team. His contract was not extended and the Revenue Service has entered in the office of " Maknatuna"- says the company representative.

15-07-2019 12:32 +0400
"We call the society to allow the border delimitation commissions to continue working in the peaceful conditions" - Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia

High tension can be observed in Davit Gareji since the morning - civil activists who have returned the icons in the temples which were expelled by the officers of Azerbaijan"s State Border Service remain in the place. They are demanding from the government to make an immediate response to the processes.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia calls the Georgian society and civil activists to allow the border delimitation commissions to continue working in the peaceful conditions.
A minor incident occurred between the locals and officers of Azerbaijan"s State Border Service. However, the situation has discharged and now can be observed full of peace.
"The investigation of the fact has been launched. We call the civil groups to allow border delimitation committees to continue working in a calm environment in order to be able to make an agreement on time," the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

15-07-2019 11:30 +0400
Prime Minister will return "Dedaena" of Iakob Gogebashvili to Georgian schools from September

The "Dedaena" of Iakob Gogebashvili returns to the schools in September. The statement was made by the Prime Minister of Georgia. Mamuka Bakhtadze attended the event in Variani, in the museum of Iakob Gogebashvili.
"From September I will return to the Georgian schools the "Dedaena" of Iakob Gogebashvili. This is a very important and valuable step and I want to thank everyone who made their best to return the "Dedaena" of Iakob Gogebashvili to the schools. First-class pupils will be granted with the "Dedaena" with free of charge," - said Mamuka Bakhtadze.

15-07-2019 11:10 +0400
The situation in Davit Gareji is still tense - civil activists move to the Chichkhituri Tower

The situation in Davit Gareji is still tense, civil activists are moving to the Chichkhituri Tower. Members of the anti-occupation movement patrolled all overnight in Gareji.

They are asking the Georgian government to react. Davit Katsarava"s comrades arrived in Gareji after it became known that Azeri border guards brought icons from the temples, handed them to Georgian border guards and told them that there was no place for them in their territory

In spite of the resistance, the parish brought back the holiness back into the cells.

15-07-2019 10:03 +0400
The 59th universal baptism in the Holy Trinity Cathedral - Patriarch"s godchildren became 564 children

The 59th universal baptism was held at the Holy Trinity Cathedral. Patriarch"s godchildren became 564 children. They were given christening certificates and crosses.
Catholicos-Patriarch blessed the godchildren. The first universal baptism was held in the Holy Trinity Cathedral on January 19, 2008. Patriarch has more than 38,000 godchildren.

15-07-2019 08:46 +0400
Protest in Dighomi - Locals set up tents in Dighomi forest

They protest against the new construction of the company "Anagi".
According to locals, the construction of a restaurant and shopping center is planned at the site of one of the old buildings.
This is not the first protest. After the new general plan, the council granted Dighomi forest-park status of the public-business zone, it became known that the company "Anagi" received a construction permit.
Demonstrators say that in case of building a restaurant, the forest-park will become a commercial zone and locals will no longer have access to this area.
The deputy mayor of the capital responded to the protest of locals. Maia Butaadze says that the plan serves only recreational purposes. Improvement of the existing building in the forest-park and changing its function. It is planned to dismantle the old building and arrange the exhibition center instead.

15-07-2019 08:40 +0400
The 26th day from the bloody night of June 20 - the protest continues on Rustaveli

The 26th day of the bloody night of June 20 - Protest is continued on Rustaveli Avenue, as the main responsible person for the raid is still on the post.
Participants of the anti-occupation rally say they will not stop until their demands are met and Interior Minister does not leave the post.
The action will be resumed today, traditionally on Rustaveli and traditionally at 19:00.
Yesterday, the startup representatives joined the action in front of the parliament. They presented their works and handmade items in front of the Parliament.
"We intend to become more active and still do not violate the law, but we are going to go everywhere where high officials will be. We are very lawfully requesting the resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs. This is the only requirement we have, "said Civil Activist Giga Makarashvili.

15-07-2019 08:10 +0400
Our Government is deceiving us - Guides Protest Against Situation in Davit Gareji

Guides will protest against the situation in Gareji. They will mobilize in the nearest future to visit the monastery complex as soon as possible and get familiar with the existing situation.
Prior to that, they will hold a closed meeting in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and after that the action plan will be announced. The guides say that taking into account the current situation, it is necessary for the government to interfere in the situation and use the available resources before Georgia faces the worst consequences.
"The government of Azerbaijan begins to arrange paths and infrastructure, now they handed our icons to our border guards, and it turns out that our government is deceiving us, the only thing we can do is to meet the government today and get a decent response, what is happening in Davit Gareja, "Said Rusudan Japaridze.

15-07-2019 07:50 +0400
Situation in Davit Gareji - members of "Strenght is in Unity" were patrolling the territory for the whole night

David Gareji is calm at this time. Throughout the night, members of the anti-occupation movement "Strenght is in Unity" have been patrolling the territory.
They are demanding a reaction from the Georgian authorities. The members of the movement arrived in Gareji after it became known that Azeri border guards brought icons from the temples and handed them to Georgian border guards and told them that this is their territory where there is no place for icons.

15-07-2019 07:40 +0400
25th day of protest - rally participants joined by startup representatives who are organizing exhibition-sale of their works

Twenty-five days have passed since the 20th of June bloody events. No responsibility has yet been imposed for the dispersal of peaceful demonstrators. At the main street of Tbilisi, protest is continuing, civic activists and demonstrators will gather today at 07:00 and demand resignation of Giorgi Gakharia. The action will be joined by the startup representatives at the Parliament. They will exhibit their works on Rustaveli Avenue. Exhibition-sale will be held.
20% of the money received from the sold items will be handed over to the organizers of the action to be able to continue their protest.
Organizers say that they will fight to the end and will not stop.
The organizers of the rally presented the list of lies said by Giorgi Gakharia.

14-07-2019 18:10 +0400
Noise and Confrontation in Samtredia - Anti-Occupational Action in the City Disrupted

Noise and controversy in Samtredia - anti-occupation action in the city has been disrupted. The rally participants and citizens opposed each other. The reason is the planned performance on the bridge.
The citizens did not allow the young people to exhibit the banner on the bridge, saying: "Gakharia go away."
The rally participants were confronted by railway employees who were irritated by seeing the TV crew and did not allow media representatives to work and insulted them. The local population categorically demanded the crew to leave Samtredia territory.

14-07-2019 14:59 +0400
"I personally stopped hunger strike at this stage" - Beka Basilaia was discharged from the clinic

Due to the deterioration of health conditions, protesters stopped the hunger strike. Hunger strikers in the tents in front of the parliament became ill and the emergency brigade was called.
One of them, Beka Basilaia, who has been on hunger strike for 19 days now, says he will join the rally participants at the parliament.
"Health condition is stable at this stage thanks to doctors in New Hospital. As far as we are concerned, as we announced from the beginning, if the medical intervention would be necessary, we would have to stop the hunger strike, but we would not stop active participation in the rallies. Personally, I have stopped hunger strike at this stage, but as far as I know, the extreme form of protest continues in the Shekvetili and unfortunately the governor is still in ostrich position, "Beka Basilaia said.

14-07-2019 12:12 +0400
Natural disaster in the village of Kirachmughlo - heavy rain damaged land plots, fences, internal roads and houses

Natural disaster in the village of Kirachmughlo - heavy rain has damaged plots, fences, internal roads, flooded the first floors of houses.
In addition, the central highway was blocked for a certain period. The locals say that in their village the drainage channels are out of order, which is why they have similar problems during every heavy rain.
It has been raining for the last three days are in the village of Kirachmughlo in the Marneuli district, but yesterday night the rain was so strong that the locals were damaged. The locals ask for help and say they are afraid of rainfall. According to them, if the drainage system is not regulated, they are constantly under threat. The local authorities sent technical equipment to the disaster location in the village only after the Rustavi 2 camera crew arrived.

14-07-2019 10:10 +0400
Today is the Svetitskhovloba

The Georgian Orthodox Church celebrates the day of the 12th Apostle on July 13. The Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is built in the name of the 12 Apostles, which is why the celebration is known as  Svetitskhovloba.

Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II will hold the Divine Liturgy at the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral with the clergy.

13-07-2019 10:17 +0400
Nika Melia"s case and statement of the Prosecutor"s Office - Melia"s lawyer responds to the investigative agency

Melia"s lawyer responds to the statement made by the prosecutor"s office regarding the case of MP Nika Melia. Giorgi Kondakhashvili has released a statement on the social networks on behalf of the legal company.
The company assesses the statement of the prosecution agency towards the law bureau as a deliberate discrediting attempt to mislead the public.
Representatives of the company are demanding evidence from the Prosecutor"s Office regarding the case.
The Prosecutor"s Office released a statement after Nika Melia"s lawyer spread videos about the events developed at the Parliament on the night of June 20th. The agency calls on the defense and calls on interested people to refrain from misleading the public. According to the Prosecutor"s Office, the record does not contain the full context and does not reflect the real picture of the developments at the time.

12-07-2019 08:48 +0400
Physical confrontation at Parliament - two persons confronted anti-occupational rally demonstrators

The noise and confrontation in the vicinity of the parliament - after the rally ended, two people physically and verbally insulted the participants of the anti-occupation rally, after which the police took them away from the place.
According to the participants of the rally, they were provocateurs and the purpose was to hinder the action. After the accident, the eyewitnesses were taken to the police where their interrogation lasted till late.
The investigation into the incident started under the article of group violence.

12-07-2019 07:41 +0400
Red-dressed Vazha Pshavela"s bust and statement to the President of the Council of Europe - Anti-occupation rally in Batumi

In Batumi, Vazha Pshavela"s busts" eyes were red-dressed. With this form, the protest was expressed by the part of the citizens who have been holding the anti-occupation rally for 22 days.
The eyes of Vazha Pshavelas" bust were red-dressed after the president of the Council of Europe on the 10th anniversary of the Eastern Partnership cited Vazha Pshavela in his speech. They also addressed Donald Tusk and said that the Georgian government does not have the intention to follow the European Path.
"Mr Tusk,
- The Government of Georgia does not follow the European path
- For more than three weeks, the government is neglecting citizens" fair demand about the resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs!
- Government shoots rubber bullets to the peaceful demonstrators, mutilates young people and changes their lives forever!
- The Georgian government has nothing common with Vazha Pshavela, Shota Rustaveli and other Georgian, Polish, French and German writers!
- The Georgian government does not understand its citizens!
It is easy, Gakharia must resign!" - Said the organizers of the demonstration.

11-07-2019 17:08 +0400
In Batumi the participants of the manifestation demonstrated the banner of Putin and with the sign of protest walked on it

The participants of the manifestation in Batumi demonstrated the banner of the President of the Russian Federation and walked on it. The action is held in parallel with the international conference, attended by the representatives of the Georgian government, the European Council and other high-ranking guests.
anti-occupation protest of Batumi youth joined from Tbilisi. They are asking the government to take responsibility on the Gavrilov night and their statements. Participants of the rally brought the flags of Georgia and the EU in Batumi. According to them, the protest will not stop until the minister of Internal Affairs, Giorgi Gakharia will not resign.

11-07-2019 11:34 +0400
Giorgi Gakhria should resign! - Protest rally in parallel with the International Conference in Batumi

Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia Giorgi Gakhria should resign - the rally under this slogan is held in Batumi where the international conference "Georgia"s European Way" is going on.
Young people, who have been holding a rally in front of the Parliament building on Rustaveli Avenue for 22 days, are now protesting in Batumi. They say that they want to inform the European leaders about the events of June 20. The flags of Georgia and the European Union have been brought to the rally.
"Yesterday the new footage proved the absence of legitimacy of the breaking up of the rally. There was no legitimacy at all. We will fight to the end, "said Mariam Geguchadze.
The rally participants say that the protest will not stop until Giorgi Gakharia resigns.
"Now we are here to ask European friends for solidarity to help us get rid of this bloody minister," said protesters.
Participants of the rally say that the fight will continue until the minister responsible for the bloody night does not resign.
"Here we come to the government once again to make them hear that we are not going to stop until we have the Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia who has spilled the blood of our citizens," Zuka Berdzenishvili said.

11-07-2019 09:16 +0400
They surrounded the car, started hitting it, we were verbally insulted - Rustavi 2 correspondent recalls the incident in Shekvetili

Were the starving people raided in the Shekvetili yesterday by order of Ivanishvili? It has become known that the people who physically attacked the rally participants, moved around in a minibus that belongs to Ivanishvili"s entertainment park. The "Courier" group went to Kobuleti to film this vehicle where the journalist and cameraman were surrounded by the guards and were verbally insulted them. They could not leave the park for a few hours. The situation was dissolved after the police arrived.

11-07-2019 08:00 +0400
New initiative of the government - 100% of tuition fee for successful youth will be financed by the City hall.

On the background of student rallies, the government is offering new initiatives to youth. 100% of tuition fee for successful youth will be financed, as stated by the Mayor of Tbilisi at the government meeting.
According to Kakha Kaladze, the initiative is about socially vulnerable and successful young people.
"The amount of student financing will be based on the academic performance rate. We are financing 100% for the students with high academic performance and it is worth mentioning that the number of students increased by 30%," - Kaladze said.

10-07-2019 13:44 +0400
We have repeatedly heard similar statements, this is a tendency to distort historical facts - Zakaliani about Putin"s statement

The Foreign Minister says that Georgia"s territorial integrity is recognized by the civilized world," the statement was made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs several minutes ago. He responded to Vladimir Putin"s statement yesterday.
It is about Vladimir Putin"s statement, where he said that Georgia was a province of Russia. Putin insists that Georgia is an occupier and it occupied Abkhazia. According to him, Georgians conducted "genocide in Ossetia.

"Davit Zalkaliani says that such statements from Russia are not surprising.
"We have heard such statements many times from the Russian authorities. This is a tendency to distort historical facts when we are talking about history, the history of Georgia has not started since the 18th century and since the 19th century, there are many facts about Georgia"s centuries-long history and these facts indicate that Georgia"s territorial integrity, including Abkhazia and Tskhinvali has century-long historical recognition.
"As for the government, it should do everything possible to resolve the conflict taking steps aimed at de-escalation, de-occupation. Our position has not changed and this is to say that the territorial integrity is recognized by the international community, "- said Deputy Foreign Minister.

10-07-2019 10:54 +0400
Rally at "Rustavi 2" - After the radical group left, the area was covered with garbage

Yesterday it was a heavy night for cleaning service representatives. They had to work in the surrounding territory of Rustavi 2. After the radical group rally in front of the broadcasting company left, the territory was covered with water bottles, papers, and other garbage. The cleaning service representatives had to clean the contaminated area.

09-07-2019 08:49 +0400
Mobilization of law enforcers on Rustaveli Avenue - Police units deployed at parliament

Mobilization of law enforcers in Tbilisi, on Rustaveli Avenue. Police units were deployed at the Parliament building and nearby.
Representatives of the Department of Special Tasks were deployed in four rows.
According to the "Courier", the mobilization of police officers has occurred in regions too. Participants of the anti-occupation rally refuse to change their plans and announce the continuation of a peaceful fight.
The traffic movement on Rustaveli Avenue has already been restored. The buses that divided participants of two rallies were removed from the territory.
The participants of the anti-occupation rally were able to enter Rustaveli Avenue at 6:00 am. The demand is unchanged - resignation of the Minister of the Interior, who should take political responsibility for the bloody raid of the June 20 rally.
"In the morning they decided to open Rustaveli avenue and we were able to go to the territory where we have been protesting for 20 days already. We have not provided security guarantees, on the contrary, yesterday they clearly and openly stated that if we were going to move to this territory, they would not be able to protect us. Such an irresponsible attitude comes from the Minister of the Interior, "said Sergi Kapanadze, one of the leaders of" European Georgia ".

09-07-2019 07:30 +0400
"It"s necessary to keep away this bastard from broadcast as far as possible " - Ramzan Kadyrov talks about Giorgi Gabunia

The Georgian authorities should apologize to the Russian president - this statement was made by Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov. He demands investigation against Giorgi Gabunia. The leader of Chechnya calls Rustavi 2 TV"anchor presenter the shame of the Georgian nation in the social network "Telegram",
"We will not always be able to pretend that we do not see the hostile expression from the Georgian side, so it is necessary to impose the toughest sanctions on this country. Now they are trying to demonstrate that Georgia condemned the fact, but condemnation is not enough.It"s necessary to keep away this bastard from broadcast as far as possible. - Ramzan Kadyrov writes.

08-07-2019 23:38 +0400
Rustavi 2: self-regulatory body suspended Giorgi Gabunia"s authority for 2 months

The self-regulatory body of "Rustavi 2" reviewed on its own initiative the text written and voiced by the journalist Giorgi Gabunia"s in the introductory section of the program "Post Scriptum" on July 7. According to the decision of the self-regulatory body, journalist Giorgi Gabunia has been suspended for two months, this restriction applies to all the programs he is preparing and/or hosing(The Choice, P.S.). The text of the decision will be published later on "Rustavi 2" website.

08-07-2019 18:35 +0400
737 thousand 637 GEL spent on Abashidze-Karasin format - "Transparency International" research

737 637 GEL has been spent from the budget of the Prime Minister on the activity of the Special Representative for Relations with Russia from November 2012 to February 2019.
NGO "Transparency International Georgia" publishes the survey.According to the report, 116 098 lari was spent on 33 visits. 46,000 GEL in consulting services. The restaurant services in Georgia cost 1 950 GEL. Zurab Abashidze received 491 thousand 444 GEL as remuneration and bonuses.
80 000 145 GEL was spent on the remuneration and bonuses of two freelance employees.So called Karasin-Abashidze"s meetings have been founded since the end of 2012 after the diplomatic relations broke with Russia after the 2008 war. Participants say that discussions in this format are on the issues related to trade, transport, humanitarian and cultural issues.

08-07-2019 16:28 +0400
The full lustration of the government ... The government is in the hands of Russia - Nino Jangirashvili

The full lustration of the government - is assessment of the of Kavkasia TV director of the government`s comments of Giorgi Gabunia`s monologue According to Nino Jangirashvili, if the government believes that because of the monologue of the anchor of the private TV company, a certain country can start a war, then the country"s fate is in a difficult situation, because such people are in power.
Jangirashvili does not rule out that yesterday"s reactions are directed to appease Russia because the government feels guilty for the anti-occupation rallies in the country. In such a case, it is clear that our government is in full control of Russia, "said Nino Jangirashvili.
Giorgi Gabunia has cursed the Russian president and the Georgian authorities accused the anchor and the channel of straining Russian-Georgian relations and demanded the relevant authorities to react .

08-07-2019 12:19 +0400
Flights between Georgia and Russia suspended

The flights between Georgia and Russia have been suspended since today. The Russian president issued the relevant decree on June 22 - the official reason was the security of Russian citizens on the background of the events of 20 June.
In reality, however, Putin decided to punish Georgia for an anti-punctuation.
According to the Russian Transport Ministry, before issuing this order 54 thousand Russian tourists were in Georgia, but about 4, 500 tourists refused to leave the country immediately.

08-07-2019 10:02 +0400
18th day of protest - a photo exhibition of the 20th of June bloody night will be held today

The 18th day of protest - anti-occupation rally at the parliament will start at 19:00. In parallel, a photo exhibition depicting June 20 events will be held.
The hunger strike is also going on. Several protesters continue the extreme form of protest - demanding the resignation of Gakharia.
"We will once again revive the history and the photos of the dispersal on June 20th will be exhibited on Rustaveli, "said one of the participants Nodar Rukhadze.

08-07-2019 09:06 +0400
"This is the action against the country!" - Salome Zurabishvili responds to Giorgi Gabunia"s monologue

Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili has released a statement. The statement says that the President condemns the statement of the anchor of one of the TV companies referring to the head of the neighboring country using provocative and insulting terms.
"Patriotism is something else and the interests of the country cannot be defended by aggression, destabilization, and unrest. Our way is a peaceful way, our perspective is Europe, our strength is stability. The division of the country in two camps, inciting external confrontation and tension in the region is inadmissible on our side! Does it serve to provoke a new war or revenge on the endless coup? Anyway, this is an action against the country! It"s damage to the state interests! "says Zurabishvili.

08-07-2019 01:34 +0400
Statement of Rustavi 2

In connection with the statement made by journalist Giorgi Gabunia in the program "Post Scriptum", we deem necessary to fix the position of the TV Company. First of all, we apologize to the audience because of the fact. We believe that in any situation, a journalist must observe the editorial policy of the channel and the corresponding ethical requirements of high-rated broadcasting even while defending certain values and even in an author`s program.
The form of expression, including an acute and provocative one, is permissible only under the condition that it complies with the ethic norms defined by the channel and in general those of the society. It is important that the journalist when making his own copyright statement should consider the context of the circumstances of the TV company. We believe that Giorgi Gabunia"s expression is not in compliance with the high standards established by our channel and the TV company"s regulatory body will discuss this issue.
In addition, the TV company believes to be categorically unacceptable the attacks and threats made by the Georgian authorities in response., Such statements from the government and moreover the threats regarding the response due to the violation of ethical standards by the anchor constitute restriction of freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution, interference in media freedom and legalization of censorship.
In the context of the events in connection with the TV Company Rustavi 2, such action of the government presents a real danger of taking revenge with the TV company. We call on the public, in addition to considering the violation of ethical standards by journalists, to have a strict response to the Government`s statements.

08-07-2019 01:19 +0400